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A new Co-op Pursuit mode.

Napisany przez Dap, 11-07-2019, 03:58

A new Co-op Pursuit mode.

Offline Dap

(13-07-2019, 09:00)scaftz Wrote: that was not even rude. He just wanted to be funny, appreciate him.

that's not "being funny" for me. I don't know the guy and he doesn't know about me. I don't like stupid "jokes" like that.
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Offline EdekKredek

PVP police chases maybe, huh?
4 players play as cops and 2 players play as street racers or some stuff like that
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Offline susis

that is possible if you played ffs gaming server you know how pursuit works there

Offline scaftz

FFS gaming server's Hot Pursuit mode uses basic GTASA car handlings. Meaning, less clusterfuck since you race on MUCH slower pace compared here. There are also ping limit where the server will kick those with ping higher than the game mode allows to so collisions syncs less poorly. That simply won't work here, there are some people who lives quite far from the server location making it impossible to get such low ping.
This server don't have such ping limitation in the first place, adding it now will cause some outrage from the part of the playerbase. Rather than making a feature that works for only portion of the playerbase it shouldn't be implemented at all. But of course this opinion comes from the one that wouldn't be able to enjoy the content, it's up to you to interpret it.

Offline susis

oh ye all races have no collision with other players so ping doesnt matter and ye stock gta sa cars are slow af compared to this server car stats

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