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Fix the game HUD for low MTA resolutions

Napisany przez RaiUwU, 03-07-2019, 03:57
Fix the game HUD for low MTA resolutions

Offline RaiUwU

The game HUD only works up to a specific resolution, anything below that makes the game unplayable, I'm having issues playing with my computer lattelly so I'm needy to lower my game Resolution but I'm finding some problems.

On 800 by 600 for example, I can join a URL lobby but can't exit:
[Image: uYoXDaw.png]
The "Leave" button is obstructed.

And on 656 by 496 and 640 by 480, I can't even log in into the game:
[Image: oZYM2U5.png]
The HUD doesn't even fit all the languages, and no check box or OK button can be seen.

So if possible make the HUD adjustable to fit into lower resolutions please.

Offline susis

why are you playing on that res also how bad can your pc be shit to play on tiny res

Offline Curtex

I used to play in 1024x768 back in the days, and already experienced a bunch of interface issues when the new Race system was introduced (You know, with the car selector and all of that)

And believe it or not, there's still A LOT of MTA players that up to this day have to play on such resolutions, either because their PCs ain't powerful enough, or their monitors can't render higher resolutions, I believe it's pretty easy to realize not everyone in this world is the same in terms on technology, nor economy. Although HD resolutions are pretty much standard nowadays, most videogames still bring at least an 800x600 resolution to their games because of things like this.

I never really got into script resizing, but I believe it would be fine to have at least a variant for small sizes that could fit in 800x600 as it fits in 1920x1080 right now. Maybe something like a checkboc before even the language selection would be a good way to change between sizes. Then again, I dunno how hard or long could something like this take, but I can feel these people pain. It's sad to be restricted by 3rd factors on your gameplay experiences and have to rely on the devs and the community itself to somehow get a proper experience pulled out cuz of these factors that should have nothing to do with it.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline RaiUwU

(03-07-2019, 14:11)susis Wrote: why are you playing on that res also how bad can your pc be shit to play on tiny res

I play on 1024 x 768 resolution cause it's the lowest playable one, my pc is about 10 years old or more since I bought it used already, and it is wanting to die recently, so yeah, my pc is really shit, that's why I play on low resolution and everything on minimum, still on everywhere I have fps issues, I cant even race on some tracks because theres too many props on the road, the game can crash if I'm not cautious, and as the friend above said, not everyone has the privilege of playing on full hd, even Gta sa being this old.

Offline scaftz

Pretty sure this was already been suggested/mentioned at some point of time earlier but someone said there's something with the UI that it made it less likely being able to be rescaled, i don't remember it very well. If you are desperate for FPS and you already have MTA/NFSSA on lowest you can try switching to graphic debug settings. It makes all cars blank white and noticeably boost your FPS. You may also try to mod your GTASA files to have lower texture resolution, less/no particles, no shadows and such.

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