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What about a Drift Championship?

Napisany przez smileythrashbag, 24-06-2019, 00:18

What about a Drift Championship?

Offline Tekk

It's not worth it to start a WW3 because your opinions on the subject are different, really. I partly agree with Fayde though, cause it's much more interesting to watch someone does tandem drifting or doing fancy tricks, rather than griding for the points on maps such as AP5. In the end, that's all drifting on NFS:SA comes to.

Speaking of skill, gamepad can do good if you're used to it, other games can be a good practice. It should give you an advantage, as you can control the gas and the steering angle. That's not something a keyboard user can do. So, better chances to get more points for each line, which will result in getting a better result by the end. Worth to mention that all (or almost all) of the circuit and sprint top times were set by the gamepad users by now. Definitely worth getting if going for points is something that matters for you.

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