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Drift Zone

Napisany przez Michal222a, 29-05-2019, 17:04
Drift Zone

Offline Michal222a

My idea that could pass on the server would be the drift zone. It would work almost like a URL contest. In designated places (example zones are marked in the attachment). A given zone lasts week after week and changes to another place. The competition starts in a minimum of 6 people the maximum number of people in one competition is 8. When there are more people, the script randomizes the people who are going. The next round begins only when the players from the first round are halfway through. There would be 50 levels. At each level there would be some unique things to drop.
1-10 lvl unique vinyl sets
11-20 lvl unique counters, neon signs, lights, spinery, windscreens
21-30 lvl unique visual parts of the type removed bumpers, grid of window cities, protruding engines, removed bonnet
31-40 lvl unique junkman, amerikon, mechanical parts
41-49 lvl everything that we did not manage to drop with lvl 1-40
50 lvl unique auto zr-380
It would also be great to combine with auto chases that would have 3 level chases to start chase. It would have been more rp and $ for escaping than in regular chases.    

Offline LeonSkript

yeaaah no, we already have players/mods like Bunny that makes drift events for premium

Offline BUNNY

Interesting suggestion though. As Skript said, me and some players already organize these types of events. With time we are just improving on the hosting of the previous editions and these keep getting better with each edition. I always seek for new improvements and having opinions about these events only helps me more. I am looking forward to hearing more ideas, thanks.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Away qrur

idk, I would love to have a URL-like Drift Tournament. Current ones (like Bunny's and others) are based on how your drift looks rather then how good it actually is. Most people hate normal point-counting drift races because of the amount of fishtailing but, seeing that would be something to keep the Drift-Racers motivated and giving something in return that is more than just some RP and Money.
Drift races are just skillless point grinding events.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline WildPotato

cant wait for the day nfs sa turns into a drift only server
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