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Car tuning in garage/storage (just like in NFSU2)

Napisany przez Rafaea512, 09-05-2019, 00:38
Car tuning in garage/storage (just like in NFSU2)

Offline Rafaea512

We are back with the suggestions and this time will be Car Tuning or Storage in Garage for NFSSA.
Remember this?
[Image: 3c3d5ec2-fe9e-4d7d-92da-4d2105cb2dd7.jpg]
Well there is a possiblty to have this in NFSSA
The Car Tuning in Garage will be divided in:
Performance Storage
Cosmetics Storage
Specialties Storage
It will happen if you just bought a part for your car, it will be in your storage (the button for renaming your car or selling it). All parts will be free, so it will be a money save.
For example: If you buy 2 bodykits for you car, you can change in the Cosmetics Storage them for free instead of buying them again.
Sounds great, right?
The best will be if you just sell a car, and you buy the same car that your sold you will still have the parts for it!
It will be a really useful feature and a huge money save. Instead of going shop by shop wasting your money, you can have all the parts that you just bought in your garage.
More info will be added soon.
Well that's it, hopefully this feature get's added. See ya.
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=3416645]

Offline Nicos21

Seems good. But i'd rather prefer the system like in the performance shop.

Away Lefty

Appart from when selling the cars, the performance system already works this way.

Offline scaftz

Don't really have problem with money drain in this game since like ever, once i changed bodykit 5 times in a day. And with the shopping cart feature on the other thread this will not be a problem anymore. But performance upgrades already works this way so i don't see why it shouldn't be as well. Installing owned parts should remain accessible on respective shops, following current's performance upgrades system which will make scripting easier and thus promotes freerun travelling to make the server looks more alive.

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