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Sprint my map

Napisany przez Waflu, 03-05-2019, 16:24
Sprint my map

Offline Waflu

hello me and my friend made a short sprint here you can see video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sLzl584thQ&t=16s
map name is "Coming Back to The Hood

(in game nicks)


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Offline Tekk

I'd reduce the amount of vehicles and put some more arrows to make a couple of turns less confusing, but overall the route is okay to me.

Offline Ice

idk about amount of cars on your map, but clearly (and I really mean it), you have to put more objects/arrows on the map. I caught myself about 4 or 5 times questioning why do you turn left, instead of going right, e.t.c.
Here, I watched your video again and made some time stamps with track parts I didn't understand:
1:14 - should I turn left, or right? and yeah, now that I've seen Tekk's comment, I agree - there way too many cars at this place.
1:21 - route still remains somewhat unclear for me tbh. Is that a shortcut? If it is, please show it on the video as well.
1:27 - what prevents me from missing the right turn and still following the railroad? (and probably hitting the invisible wall)
1:44 - to be honest, the trucks on the left are barely seen. The car in front doesn't explain why should I turn at all, so this intersection looks quite unclear to me.
1:55 - if at previous places I at least could've guessed where I am supposed to go, this turn is totally unclear. Needs more explanation.
2:00 - again, why shouldn't I go right, or forward? What indicates on the fact I should turn?
2:11 - same mistake, the route forward is blocked, yeah, but should I take right or left turn? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
2:13 - somewhat unclear route. I can still decide to turn. Maybe I'm nitpicking, though.
2:14 - if I was nitpicking on the previous intersection, then here I don't get why shouldn't I turn right at all...
2:17 - same stuff again. Path forward is blocked well, yeah, but left/right turns are way too open. You need to close the wrong way.

Keep in mind that I'm just a common user who looked at your video and did these conclusions. Maybe some of them aren't right. You may or may not want to fix all the issues, it's totally up to you. After all, I do agree that map has interesting pathway.

How do you close all those gaps I mentioned? Well, it's totally up to you. The only thing I can recommend is using your imagination, because adding arrows everywhere isn't always a good idea. Same with cars spam.
Advice #2: Make sure you've blocked invalid pathways with invisible airport sections. I'm unsure about nowadays standards, but back in the days it was necessary.
Advice #3: After thinking that you've finished the map, try running it backwards and seeing if it's has a clear pathway as well.
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