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carros abandonados

Napisany przez The_MAXGR, 06-04-2019, 21:58
carros abandonados

Offline The_MAXGR

se me ocurrió Que para la Nueva actualización Pongan carros  abandonados que te Puedas Llevar y Restaurar Como en el need for speed payback

Offline Oskiinus

not going to happen I guess
[Image: H6zD1w6.png]
[Image: qHuOc0y.png]
(06-10-2016, 20:36)Venom Wrote: zkurvená zajebaná dojebaná vyjebaná pojebaná mrdka

Offline Snake[PL]

In English Section we use English Language...
[Image: PZgunIv.png][Image: GmPEVDL.png]
choose side and cl!ck

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

Can someone translate, so i can know why it's not going to happend
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Bunny

Find abandoned cars like in Payback and restore them >>>>>>> no chance
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

We have some unique cars which people can find already, but we need M O A R of them
[Image: giphy.gif]

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