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[Drift/StreetX]Airport Track 6 & 7

Napisany przez ZAX25, 14-03-2019, 17:29
[Drift/StreetX]Airport Track 6 & 7

Offline ZAX25

Due to the fact that everyone knows map (and that I have no way to prepare a video)...

I came up with the idea to add two more routes on drift and street-x:

[Image: XZOF98d.jpg]   [Image: wo0S4jo.jpg]

Dock Track 5&6: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-11258.html
[Image: I9q7Wo2.gif]

Offline LeonSkript

Not bad imo

Offline scaftz

Liking the AP 7, not so with the AP 6. That number 3 turn seems too sharp.

Offline Barney

Not that scary. Probably would be still easier to hold the combo than on f....ing Bullet Train. I'd love to see both tracks on the server. Good idea +!
[Image: levin_sig.png]

Offline Akatoyaa

Good idea

Offline BUNNY

I'm all for this +1
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline FiDeLuS

Nice idea.

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