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Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

Napisany przez HorizonLive, 15-02-2019, 20:07

Reason Why NFSSA is dying.

Offline Nick33BC

(22-02-2019, 03:34)DemK Wrote: Or using a gamepad to get advantage with exploits - like acceleration exploit - by the way, idk if this is already fixed, don't play by a long time.
Yeah Gamepad tapping got fixed a long time ago. 

(22-02-2019, 03:34)DemK Wrote: but dyno created a gap of situations what a driver is less important than a setup.
The driver is not less important than the dyno. It's about 50/50, and i plan on helping everyone learn how to dyno.

(22-02-2019, 03:34)DemK Wrote: ( like in E class cars, a fucking manana 290-310 is better than a 350 manana with less power getting more top speed )
You are getting alot of things wrong here, A 290-310 Manana will not have more top speed than a maxed Manana under any circumstance. That was never a thing.

(22-02-2019, 03:34)DemK Wrote: You can't know if the player is good enough or just is using a car with dyno/setup bugged. You don't need be a good driver, just has a bugged dyno or bugged setup.

There is no dyno bugs. (Besides that the drivetrain slider still does not work completely correctly but that is not even really a bug) So don't go calling everything a bug, You will just confuse people.

People keep saying "bugged setup" but it's not really the setup that's bugged. It's more of a problem with the cars handling configs and or the scripts themselves. With some cars Pro Suspension is worse than Street or Race suspension. With some cars they actually lose acceleration when they have more gears. So for some cars, stock Drivetrain can be better. It might not even be a bug, It just seems like the scripts/handling configs are setup like that. I plan on asking the devs about it.
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Offline LukaRaos

Jesus christ, you are fucking dying

Offline Mushor

i need more scorpions to live hi draven

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