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Cant find Dukes

Napisany przez PotatoPiece, 27-01-2019, 15:52
Cant find Dukes

Offline PotatoPiece

Ive already got 9/10 Dukes parts. I drove literally everywhere, I even printed myself a map, where I located zones and parts locations (If needed, I will send it). How could you help me to find last part please?

Offline MatthewChow

Those kinds of maps are actually considered cheating. Don't share them, specially on public sites.
Almost everyone gets stuck on the last part everytime. Those things are hard to spot, it's normal.
Spend a little more time looking (carefully), get premium to help you, or ask a very experienced player for help ingame.
I haven't found all the parts myself and I'm a freaking dev. Everyone feels your pain. We all wish you good luck, because that basically all you need. Luck. Lots of it.
And no, parts can't be glitched or repositioned.
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It's Matthewsanus now!

Offline susis

i once posted a body part on discord it got deleted instantly i didnt know it was against the rules at the time maybe thats why im banned from there smh

Offline BUNNY

Yet another "can't find parts" thread. There are only 3 options.

1. Search more;
2. Ask a fellow player for help in game (not actually sharing a map with locations);
3. Buy premium and find the part with the part find helper.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

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