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Napisany przez Karakuzas, 26-01-2019, 23:31


Offline Karakuzas

Can i buy unban ?

Offline Dr.Wpierdol

First, apologise
Second, why?
Third, for what u were banned?
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline iZic


Stop making threads about being unbanned you deserved your ban, as Bunny said "forget about getting ever unbanned".

Offline scaftz

It's like your 7th thread about unban request already, stop it. Go away and find other server that might accept assholes better, which is hopefully none.

Offline susis

just log in onto another pc easy

Offline BUNNY

XD no
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline HanzoITS

HAH! ya know, there were another smarty who asked the same XDDDD
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline SandKing

Entering from another PC don't let you login banned account. If you have permanent ban, you must open new account and change your nick (if you don't need to be recognize)

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Offline BUNNY

I wouldn't encourage that.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline HanzoITS

Ya know, avoiding permban is possible somehow (won't publish it by some obvious reasons) and I know a bunch of guys who luckily tried it up.
JUST GET OUT OF THIS SERVER FINALLY. Do some self-improvement, then by a chance you might get forgiven. Just like some others got.
I ain't an all social guy, but maaan i honestly can't understand those hardcore gamers... Why are you dead tied to this simple game.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

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