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URL Abuse

Napisany przez Nibje, 20-01-2019, 16:36

URL Abuse

Offline yMael

(31-01-2019, 11:47)BUNNY Wrote:
(30-01-2019, 07:04)Lefty Wrote: I just said that it's impossible to join lobbies with these farmers, how this doesn't mess with the URL system, it's super easy to people just set a number of 6 or 8 players and start url farms, and no one will actually do lobbies for just racing against each other, if everyone decides to do that farming then the actuall "racing" in URL will become useless... Then why not just delete URL and give idk, the time trials the URL prizes, in one way or another it would be the same thing.
And btw I didn't mentioned anything related to me on this entire thread, these aren't "my" issues with the server, it's the server issues with the server itself, I'm criticizing the server issues which is my duty as a player here, and I also always  tend to stand as polite as possible when doing so, so you don't need to warn me for no reason thanks.
Well what do you want then? I am here telling you that the farmers don't stop or pause the others from actually racing with each other since for the last month I have been joining many URLs and saw the situation for myself. I started my URLs each time with 6-8 players (had times with 12-17 players in the lobby before finding the tournament) and even after our URL started, other players gather and play a new URL. So I can assure you that they do not influence the URL whatsoever. The answer to why they farm is actually simple. They do it cuz of the exploiting trend you started, so don't be shocked that it backfired. You are here talking about unfair advantage, yet half of your crew is suspected in exploiting. It's just so funny and fortunate, because your guys didn't even give up the exploits in a stock futo URL against a moderator tonight lol. Call me paranoid, but these 2 players (Hockford and Nemercs) appeared out of nowhere joined your crew and suddenly they become tOp UrL sKiLlEd RaCeRs. Coincidence?

Not your personal issue? Dude you're like the only one talking about this. Have you seen your threads? Each of them is talking about competitiveness, meta cars, exploits, cheats, top times, server FPS limit and stuff like that. Why can others play normally and have a good time and you can't? You see, others are pretty ok, you're the only one causing drama. FYI I am not threatening you on your reply permission, I am just reminding you that Quindo said that would happen and I believe you choose to ignore that. Do not take anything I say as a threat or something. I just give recommendations and advices. "Believe me, when it will be a threat you will know it." c:

Really !?, dude these 2 players (Hockford and Nemercs) they are ALWAYS PLAYING... everyday... They are always training... It's just a stupid accusation!

Offline susis

ok this thread should be dead since there is no real issue and no point keeping it alive

Offline BUNNY

Very well.
There's nothing else I would add, since everything I wanted to point out, I did, same as Lefty always does. Instead of recieving actual replies to the topic I see only "train hard each day", "not my fault", "your problem" and bullshit like that. See, I was asked not to complain about your crew or members, even if it is suspicious as hell, but hey, idc that much about URLs and I just pointed out something I thought is suspicious and got jumped at, cool.
I especially liked the "I want to remind you, that you're not an authority" part, that was the best thing I heard in some time. I am just a mod lol. I never actually wanted to seem better in any way than others are. I do not need to defend myself on that front, cuz my actions speak for me. I never attempted to use any unfair advantages here. I am not so focused on myself as I am on others and their accomplishments. I'm sorry if I seemed that way, but it's not one of my life goals to jump in discussions that do not affect me or my well-being in any way, but here is the trick, these discussions affect things that I care about and try to make better (the server, my crew, players' experience, fair play) so as a player and a moderator I feel required to give my opinion and advise on different stuff. Personally I wouldn't care less about URL, competitiveness, you or this constant argument with the staff. I didn't quite see others reply to you, while you keep giving a shot to everything you can about the server. You could just come up with suggestions, but all you do is complain. So imo I don't see how you help in any way. I am sorry that you have to deal with me, since I can be really persuasive and mean sometimes, but I will have to continue to do that as long as you will keep arguing about the server. I really care about this project and alocate a lot of time and work to it so it would keep going. And then you come and start mocking the staff, complaining about systems, players, features and other stuff.
Lastly, I really hope you consider fighting against exploits, rather than good friendly players that have to farm, because of the exploiters.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Away Lefty

Yeah, you can see that my crew barely set top times, if every member here has 1 or 2 in a random race is too much, now you see those nicknames spam sometimes and yeah, no one cares.
I know that are casual and competitive players here, casuals are just there to tune their car and whatever, pro players are there to prove that they're the best, URL is a tournament, and a tournament is supposed to be a competition no matter what, this method just gives up the fun of a tournament, and that's what I'm complaining about, it's just... meh... Ofc I woulnd mind joining one of these farms, I could try setting top times while helping others, but still, it feels so lame... It just doesn't feel right doing that, this specific scoring is possible, but in normal circunstances the chance of this happening is like, 1 in 10 billion, and abusing this method just feel like exploiting, don't you think? Doing this, it's easier to get wins, because everyone wins, and easier to get Locust, which is the prize for having 50 wins that were supposed to be hard work to get... I don't know, but I can't defend this method abuse in any way, in my conception it just doesn't feel right.
What I do, is discuss, I give my point, someone else gives his point, we discuss our points, the one that seens more plausible is the chosen, that's it, this entire conversations on this thread is about a abusive method in a tournament, which I'm saying that is wrong, and other people is saying that is fine, I don't think that and will defend what I think it till the day I die, that's it, I'm not trying to harm anyone, I just want what I think it's the best for the server and will always point things that leads to that.
I also like this server, a lot, otherwise I wasn't going to be around so often even tho I'm banned, It just pisses me how things happen, and few people seens do care, and the staff idk, I can't understand their mentality, it just seens like they are caring less and less about this project every day, and this is infuriating, back when I was a mod, everyone seemed to complain about suspicious players, and I tryed to help with something, and eventually, I found out something that gave advantages in race, and boom, they congratulated me, banned some players, fixed the thing, acused DemK even though I said I was the one who found out and said to him to help me out with the video proof, I got punished for sharing the ban list with DemK for some reason, but okay I just got my privilege of the admin chat on discord revoked for a week or so, nothing major, they though they got rid of an issue and were really happy about it, but yeah, from there they started caring less and less about my opinions, and yeah, people still was getting suspicious, and I didn't stopped trying to find things, I even though that gamepads gave unfair advantages, but I wasn't finding anything really, but people still was setting unbeatable top times and such, this was really pissing me off, but I never gave up, I wanted to make the server fair to everyone already, and as you though, I eventually found out another thing that gave advantages, I reported it, I waited, I didn't had a response, not even a clue of what they were doing about that, and instead of that, I received a "fuck off you don't belong here" as a first response, super great, and with pure hatred on my head, I did what I did... To see if they were awake atleast. I wasn't feeling good being part of such team, even tho I wasn't super important, being treated like this was disgusting, I don't regret anything, I got demoted, and the thing got supposedly fixed, that's what I wanted and that's what I got, I just wished that the team would wake up for future problems, and hired more competent people to help out with the content creation and stuff.
I dunno, I really wanted to help the server, I'm waiting my ban to end to see what I can do, because suggestioning stuff isn't really a help from me apparently.
But my efforts will not end yet.

Offline BUNNY

Finally, a bit of soul put in a text. And that being said, wouldn't you like to help the server by actually suggesting possible solutions to help it improve? It's not perfect, but if you do not visualize it that way, it will never be. I understand you not liking the farms, but they do not have any other choice since exploiters win always. Most of them don't do it cuz they want, they don't have anything left to do.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline Nick33BC

(01-02-2019, 02:27)BUNNY Wrote: Finally, a bit of soul put in a text. And that being said, wouldn't you like to help the server by actually suggesting possible solutions to help it improve? It's not perfect, but if you do not visualize it that way, it will never be. I understand you not liking the farms, but they do not have any other choice since exploiters win always. Most of them don't do it cuz they want, they don't have anything left to do.
I don't even think there are anymore exploits. (Excluding some bugged maps of course) All of the known exploits got patched. It's just 95% of new players have no clue how to dyno. And seemingly more than 70% of the old players don't know either.

There is a simple way to help improve the problem. Add well written easy to understand tutorials in the game so people can understand how the dyno system works.

I have been meaning to make a beginner tutorial video for NFSSA for a while, But my mic and voice are awful for commentaries.

(01-02-2019, 02:27)BUNNY Wrote: Lastly, I really hope you consider fighting against exploits, rather than good friendly players that have to farm, because of the exploiters.

Don't start jumping to conclusions and calling people exploiters just because they are doing good in URLs. If you want to help people who need to farm in URLs, Teach them how to be better at it.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline BUNNY

Nick, I know that not all exploits were fixed, because GTA SA and/or MTA limitations do not allow that to be fixed in any way. So there are still exploits. Also, I am talking about this for a reason.
Full story:

It was the night of 30-31 January and Skript created a stock Futo URL, so me and Smaug joined to have fun since we are awake and don't have anything else to do. So when the time came we joined at 02:00 AM the URL. Yes, I do remember this night very good, because of the situation I witnessed. Well, the URL proceeds, first race starts and Hockford spun out and crashed. In a matter of seconds he catches up and overtakes me, while I didn't commit any mistake, had good apex in curbs and didn't slow down in any way, yet he managed to catch up and overtake me while having same car score, no dyno, same top speed and acceleration. No mistakes were made and he still caught up. So if he didn't exploit, how did he, having same car configurations and no advantage over me win? You see I am not that into the URL, I join it just to have a good time or if I'm bored and got nothing else to do. So I am not saying that I should have won or something, I don't need the wins, money, RP or recognition as a good URL racer, I go for fun. It's a pure interest as a staff member. How did he have the nerve to go on the URL with a staff member and shamelessly exploit in front of my eyes? Does he think that I am that dumb not to notice that? So setup and dyno didn't matter there since it was a stock futo URL. Ok. Yesterday I was told that both Nemercs and Hockford train a lot all day on the server to be that good. Even though I knew that is bullshit I said "ok, I have to see that with my own eyes". So yesterday, this night and today I monitored them both to see their "hard training". Guess what I saw. Nothing. They didn't approach any performance shop to train inside of the dyno tracks and didn't grind any races. The whole time they spent online, they were staying afk (texting maybe) and went to the URLs. So I didn't see that "hard training time" they alocate time to and brag about. After sharing my suspicions with others about them, RaiYou (Lefty) instructed his crew mates to bully me via forum (negative respect lol) and making memes about me on discord (double lol XD). See I could take a mature discussion and share opinions on the matter, but they decided to make fun out of it and as far as I remember, Blank did the same thing and we all know how that ended.
So after all this I don't know what to add. Each day this topic becomes more and more interesting. Big Grin

P.S. Going to share some ss that might interest you. They are really good. I find them funny.
[Image: wk42IlE.png]
[Image: LfoODqz.png]
[Image: eMGKnrU.png]
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Away Lefty

XDDD lmao, well you just witnessed what I witnessed with tons of players before, if you see helomyname's video on stock deluxo URL, you will see mister shiro desu almost lapping people with day 1 deluxo stock, so yeah idk, gamepad maybe? The thing is, if you're going to accuse Hock and Nemercs, you should accuse aswell tons of players, even some moderators together c: I am certainly sure that this have nothing to do with exploits, it's more of a player to player performance variance. And I disagree with you, exploits are totally fixable, don't blame gta sa engine on that, even if it's not possible to code to block something, it's totally possible to go another way around, for example going for the mta dev to fix the fps limiter thing was a smart move, the thing is, 60 fps is garbage for gta sa, I recommended inumerous times to make it atleast 50 fps, I know I'm not supposed to talk about other servers here, but it's an example, ffs have frame limit at 50 fps and the gameplay is just fine, and haven't seen any problems related to car performance variations for players, so I just think reducing the server fps just a little bit it would be a lot less of a headache dealing with such things. And btw, removing negative rates is abuse, stop it. Kappa.

Offline susis

lmao sad little people trying to make the server better smh
but srsly stop arguing with bunny and just do like actual research for example googling real dyno and using all the info on this server

Away Lefty

and btw, I didn't instructed then to do anything, you accused sm of exploiting, they are making fun of you by themselves.

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