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Tons of New Suggestions

Napisany przez SandKing, 13-01-2019, 20:09
Tons of New Suggestions

Offline SandKing

Hey Guys! For a long time, I can't play NFS:SA. And in this period of time I tried to suggest a lots of suggestions!

Here are list of them! (Share your ideas under the post)

1.New decals (Other NFS serie logos)
2.Spare tire decals (For off-road, we can set Vinlys, decals, Car Names etc.)
3.Need For Speed Most Wanted Blacklist Boss Vinlys (Baron, Jewels, Webster, Ronnie, JV and Ming)
4.Gun Vinlys
5.New rims (Ro Ja, ADR, Lieutenant etc.)
6.Car mark logos with Side and Hood (Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mitshubishi etc.)
7. More National country flags and for Hood (My native country Azerbaijan and Turkey etc.)
8.Crew logo for Spare Tire (Off-Road)
9.New Off-Road Vehicles: Rancher, SandKing ( For me   Smile ), Mesa
10. We can write 4x4 to the SPare Tire (Off-Road)
11.GTA firm Logos from other GTA series and San Andreas (Cherry Popper, Burger Shot, Kaufman Cabs etc.)
12. New soundtracks for NFS:SA

So, here are list of them. Enjoy! I'm trying to suggest more of them, but that's all

Offline Maslanka

good comrade
Loving scoob[Image: z22637400IE,Chevrolet-Corvette-ZR1-2017.jpg]

Offline Z-Boy

2.Well it would take to redo each rims for this so its gonna take a lot of work.
3.You can make them on your own.
4.same as 3.
5.Depends if the modulers wants to make them.
6.No, its better to not have them.
8.Well not needed since you can create it on your own using shapes.
9.Depends on the team if they want to add these cars.
10.I don't get what you mean in here.
12.It got good soundtracks and with the premium you can add your own music to it.
[Image: YKkR.gif]

Offline SandKing

So, I'm not good at creating somethong with shapes, and I am lazy Big Grin . So, here is the idea 8 what I mean.[Image: 99e7135fb7385bb8792d5f9deb13a370.jpg]

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Offline HanzoITS

Wow, I've never heard about you being an Azerbaijani! I'm Kazakh, btw, and actually being a member of an Ancient Turkish countries family (idk if this thingy has it's own ethnographic name).

But jyeah, straight to the point:
Honestly, almost 3/4 of these suggestions are so old-version-based (exactly the 2017th), that they are not even going to be discussed. Such as "car icons", new cars, oh and suggesting new cars is proved to be muda muda (useless) so far, cus it's kinda banned, and only nfssa tem decide whether to do smg with it or not.
Talking about the vinyl and other "sticky" stuff - they are all simply made up using existing vinyls aaaaand adding more is not as hard as you think it is - just post them in the specified thread named "Help us with vinyls".
The sound and music components are quite relevant and discussed often, so they might be the only ones to be added out of these 12 ideas.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline VertiriGamer

nice, it will be ok to see these thing in next update.
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