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TheRoute66 - Application Center - Centro de aplicaciones

Napisany przez FacFerC, 02-01-2019, 07:39

TheRoute66 - Application Center - Centro de aplicaciones

Online FacFerC

[Image: NIX2loj.png]

[Image: tMCllQx.png]

[Image: 8mo23ni.png]

[Image: baff3KX.png]

Nick in NFSSA:
Driver name:
Why you want to join TheRoute66?:
Why we should accept you?:

[Image: 8mo23ni.png]

After completing this form you need to wait 3 days or less for the answer, after that you will need to play 3 races with FacFerC*TR66 to test your hability

The race will be with with stock cars and the applicant will choose the car with which the race will be done

You should answer the application in this thread

[Image: 8mo23ni.png]

[Image: 4xtniER.png]

Nick en NFSSA:
Nombre de conductor:
Cantidad de RP:
Por que quieres unirte TheRoute66?:
Por que deberiamos aceptarte?:

[Image: 8mo23ni.png]

Luego de completar este formulario deberas esperar 3 dias o menos para la respuesta, luego de eso necesitaras jugar 3 carreras contra FacFerC*TR66 para medir tu habilidad

la carrera se hara con autos stock, y el aplicante elegira con que auto correr

Debes responder la aplicacion en este mismo thread

Subleaders: Lobito-Kun,Whas,Jharkdus

Offline szczvr

Nick in NFSSA: szczvr
Driver name: rat irl
RP: 910k
Age: 17
Nationality: poland
Why you want to join TheRoute66?: i dont want to
Why we should accept you?: :-D?

Offline susis

meh i thought it was something good but it is some lame crew

Offline iZic

Why so many criterias for such a crew ?

Offline yokou

Nick in NFSSA: yokou<\
RP: 1
Age: 19
Nationality: polish
Why you want to join TheRoute66?: i consider this crew as very mature, cool and respected in the server, being in such place would be a huge honor for me and for my country as well
Why we should accept you?: i think i am a good driver and capable to be even the best in your crew, not due to my rank but to my insane skills in drift, racing, stunting and also in doing car liveries, i am a great multitasker so i can win races and do race reports at the same time, this will be useful, i want to help you guys to be the best crew on server, or maybe even in server history, i hope you will accept me
[Image: QrcLpR1.png]

Offline susis

give this legend a cookie

Offline BoraSahinTR

Nick in NFSSA: VectorX
Driver name: Bora Sahin
RP:415,922 (03.01.2019 it gets more every single day)
Why you want to join TheRoute66?:I think TheRoute66 is a unique crew and I think this crew is very cool and respected, being in this crew would make me proud of myself and I want to be one of the people that makes this crew awesome.
Why we should accept you?:I think I can drive good and fast, and I want to make TheRoute66 the fastest and greatest crew in the server and make the crew more respected and more known by other drivers.
[Image: giphy.gif]

Offline Kari

Nick in NFSSA: Karnisz
Driver name: Kari Kariusz
RP: 295k
Age: I'm 17 years old.
Nationality: Poland
Why you want to join TheRoute66?: Personaly I think that TR66 is a well organized and very respectable group on the server. I really like the people in it, and generally, I think there is no better organisation than TheRoute66.
Why we should accept you?: In my opinion I would fit right in the community, and have a good time with people in it. I wish to be a part of this amazing group.

Offline Vankata

Nick in NFSSA:Trace_
Driver name:VankataBG VankataBG
Why you want to join TheRoute66?:Because I like it very much
Why we should accept you?:I think I'm serious about that

Offline Ric257

Nick en NFSSA: aiciloP
Nombre de conductor: Policia David
Cantidad de RP: 505,585
Edad: 19
Nacionalidad: Perú
Por que quieres unirte TheRoute66?: Solo quiero estar de prueba (Si quieren me pueden echar), ya no soy tan tóxico como antes.
Por que deberiamos aceptarte?: Ya es la decision de ustedes aceptarme o no.

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