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Police Sierns as roof option

Napisany przez FacFerC, 20-12-2018, 23:08

Police Sierns as roof option

Offline FacFerC

The thing of the title

[Image: videoblocks-flashing-flashing-police-car...mall01.jpg]

much people make police cars, i think a police siren as roof option would be a good idea

Offline IndvxTT

It requires a lot of work and without mentioning the scripts, although it's not a bad idea, the only problem I find is the performance with which those lights will count. and also to mention that as a result of that people will ask for these same lights in the bumpers, and good I support you in the idea +1
[Image: Qsq51ZB.jpg]

Offline scaftz

Having sirens would be cool as tuning option, would be annoying when overused. Think about how many newbie Mananas will put one on their car because simply it's the most interesting visual tuning available. Unlocking it should be at least consumes one's soul hard enough so that only those who are really dedicated into obtaining them can have it on their car and making it feels even more special.

Offline MatthewChow

Or, we could just make it for one car only so it doesn't get spammed everywhere.
[Image: nd5psw834bv4nb6zg.jpg]
It's Matthewsanus now!

Offline BUNNY

If that were to be on the server it should require a high amount of bodypoints or taskpoints even so it won't be overused. Imo 10 taskpoints or 30 body points will be a good price for unblocking such a unique feature. Also yes, +1 for this suggestion.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline scaftz

I was thinking about a hard task such as destroy X police cars, do X time pursuit or something instead of shitload amount of points to unlock them. Well, whichever works, i don't really mind.

Offline susis

meh better do a hard task instead of just grinding those bodypoints where you can easily get from almost everything

Offline syaan

add taxi roof too, because we have taxi vinyl set.
[Image: ojnLlwO.png]

Offline mazdacosmo

you dont even know! ha!

Offline LeonSkript

I think Helo said before that it won't happen because it would be too much work. Don't quote me on that, I'm not 100% sure.

(20-12-2018, 23:46)MatthewChow Wrote: Or, we could just make it for one car only so it doesn't get spammed everywhere.

This is a good idea so far, add police sirens for cars like Uranus and Beejay (since they are NFSSA police cars)

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