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Police Sierns as roof option

Napisany przez FacFerC, 20-12-2018, 23:08

Police Sierns as roof option

Offline Rafaea512

I agree with scaftz, almost every newbie are ricers...
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Offline BUNNY

Not the point here, but ok.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline iDrill

(20-12-2018, 23:21)IndvxTT Wrote: It requires a lot of work and without mentioning the scripts, although it's not a bad idea, the only problem I find is the performance with which those lights will count. and also to mention that as a result of that people will ask for these same lights in the bumpers, and good I support you in the idea +1

The performance wouldn't be affected this much. A lot of work? It's literally one object taken from the original SA police cruiser, now just give people the ability to turn it on and off which wouldn't cost more than 20 minutes for a scripter to do.

But I don't support the suggestion, wouldn't like to see people with sirens speeding around if they aren't the police.

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