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suggestions section is at 666

Napisany przez Lefty, 13-12-2018, 23:48

suggestions section is at 666

Offline Lefty

(17-12-2018, 15:40)MatthewChow Wrote: I'm getting a bit annoyed every thread with Lefty/RaiYou/whatever in it has to turn into a shit storm. I'm usually a very hard guy to annoy, so that's saying something.
I couldn't care less for everyone's backstory here, who's right or wrong, or who did what to who. This thread was merely a joke, the ban subject absolutely has no place here. The moment you start the personal attacks, the fault is on you.
Please, stop that behavior. This subject dies here, if not, you're on the way to convince me to do something.
This is just unpleasant to see in a forum and pushes new people away. Do not reply to this, just shut up or stay within the theme.

I actually was expecting to see some jokes or memes about satanism or other random shit on this thread since the thread is random itself, but someone had to bring up the ban subject to here for no reason, I'm sorry for what happened here, but I can't stay shut when someone starts talking about me.

(17-12-2018, 17:32)HanzoITS Wrote: I...I can't believe it...is that really RaiYou?!
What's up to you dog?
I've never expected that kind of setback at all.

Take care homie. None of us could stand such a pathetic way of acting. You've chosen the worst path for real, just like the others who were banned in that way. Enough circling around the forum. Do a favour, Get.The hell.Outta.Here.Please. Work on your bad sides, study, do fitness, play anywhere else, wtv, just don't you waste your precious time on this meaningless place, and earning more "-reps".
*softly hits Rai on his shoulder*

No one is perfect or saint, sorry. I don't have many bad sides, but a sum of some factors made me do what I did, no one is made of steel. Just forget this subject. I'm fine with the hate.

Offline HanzoITS

Then, your problems. Sorry for that.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline susis

lefty the only way to get rid of hate is just disappear then come back after sometime you just need to chill out like the rest of us

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