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Update idea: Revamp the sounds

Napisany przez takigosciu, 20-11-2018, 19:05

Update idea: Revamp the sounds

Offline ApexSpirit

intressting if'some cars will got new sound

Offline takigosciu

Decided to do another, this time the last public release, rest of the sounds will come straight to dev, as i don't want to break you a suprise [yes. they are even better.] Big Grin


Also i decided to add a little bit of turbo sounds, as the ones on server lack a lot too :]
[Image: ABORz6P.png]

Offline EmreBro


Offline takigosciu

The thread seems just a bit dead, so i've decided:

You know guys, christmas is coming real soon, so i think i'll give you just a little bit more.
This is the real last one.

I got only one set of car mods to look at, and i might be ready to send the official package straight to developers.

Here, take it

Thank to Skadryl for a small shoutout on his update ideas episode Big Grin
[Image: ABORz6P.png]

Offline Manik999

Amazing work takigosciu, we really appreciate it. For me these are the best car sounds i ever heard in GTA San Andreas, change the sounds to make the game fresh, just keep the followings
- Sentinel
- Sultan
- ZR130
- Infernus
- Mamba
https://youtu.be/HFCgIRaM3XU?t=381 they put your sounds into suggestion video

Offline takigosciu

Guys, the package is nearly done. What has actually left, is to .zip it, and send it first on the page, then to the dev team. Hope it ain't total flop

EDIT: here it goes guyssss
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: ABORz6P.png]

Offline Venom

IDK how to respond, but I feel obliged to somehow reply to this thread. I have no idea what could be wrong with current sounds, let's take manana as an example. As a matter of fact the sound was taken from a pretty good recording, no low quality stuff or anything.

At the end of the day I decided to redo the manana sound and after the next server restart you will be able to hear it in its 2018 HQ glory.
[Image: oJ6eTtU.gif]

Offline takigosciu

0 noticable differences. [unless it got wiped by some update, like Sentinel sound once did]

Sorry Venom, but we either give it a try, or just forget about anything related to this - like last losers.

Also sorry for responding THAT LATE compared to your message, but only now i sit here afterwards.
I have nothing more and nothing less to ask, than what i asked for before.
[Image: ABORz6P.png]

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