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NFS:SA Book of Records

Napisany przez Orbacle, 09-11-2018, 14:11

NFS:SA Book of Records

Offline Orbacle

I decided to make a small place to store non-race records just to bring some fun facts and some competition probably.
Feel free to send me proofs of your individual or team records by PMing me here or in discord Orbacle#4161. Some nominations require a video proof.
Also, new fun nominations and categories are accepted as well so if you have anything interesting to suggest, comment down below or PM me.

Jumps and stunts (requires video, no glitches)
- The longest jump (meters) - 444m ???
- The longest jump (time)
- The highest place (stunt, not just a place you can drive to like Mt. Chiliad)

Fastest collection (requires video)
Diamond hunt:
- LS Northeast - KomuH 1m 7s video
- LS Southeast
- LS West
- Red County/Vinewood
- Angel Pine/Shady Creeks - Klampy 1m 16s 31ms video
- SF South
- SF North - Orbacle ~49s video
- Desert - Remolit 1m 21s video
- LV South - broski 56.82s video
- LV North

- Fastest collection of all freerun money

- Longest evaded pursuit - Nhung
[Image: unknown.png]
- The highest amount of bounty in 1 pursuit

- The highest mileage (distance) on a single car (kilometers) - bk_player (86131 km)
[Image: mta-screen_2018-11-11_18-51-37.png?width...height=922]
- The most cars in garage - Fayde~ (132 cars)

- The longest arch stand - Remolit with the help of Neonke (1h 31m) video

- The longest sideways ride - Helomyname video

- The most score in a single drift combo on a FWD car - Orbacle (1,119,631 score)

- The most players on a jetty around SF Airport - 9 players
[Image: NjFU06P.png]
Mechanic, Orbacle, Diman_Visozkii, Koscrow, Whas, wulf, zbot, TinkiWinki, MarekLH44
- The most abnormal exploiter
-suggest more


- The most magazines done

- The most vinyl runs

- Stage records:

Meets and events
-Largest meet
Grand tuner meet 2017/09/29

Offline HanzoITS

Suggestions: The longest jump, fastest lap - PowerLine (Freerun), longest car convoy (In-team or crew) (we almost got that record in ADVAN, i hope you remember Orb), highest "concentration of AFK guys" ever seen on D0gerty XD, fastest loop all over the borders of San-Andreas, highest (omg will smb really do that sometime soon) time while you're online (it's in-game for sure), FATTEST GARAGE YEAAAAH, the biggest bug ever been caught, fastest progress up to the A class.
And yeah, better name it "Bartekuiness book" to have a clear definition about Records-book of exact NFS:SA c:
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline Akamataa

About "Fastest progress to a class" u want to see 24h pursuit... if we ignore events... xmass event last year x3, and 3 hours of x3 40km url, it would give u 230k rp in 3 hours easly XD]
[Image: kiritoblockingbullets_by_setonami-d7xcxvq.gif]

Offline YoWorstNightmare

You should add the most amount of RP gained in a Year of playing. Osvaldo lmao
[Image: ImYoNightmare.gif]

Offline scaftz

[Image: 3ef027b64a.png]
Ping record pls (no)

Offline Orbacle

few updates

if you have any interesting records, feel free to pm me.

Offline Remolit

Me and neonke were doing the Turismo Arch for 2 and a half hours-ish, but only managed to record 1:31 unfortunately
[Image: d.png]

Offline OsvaldoX

If i'm not wrong, i made the 4kk RP since March 11th from last year to March 2nd of this year (during anniversary).
Unfortunately i've deleted the only screenshot i registed the date after then
[Image: OsvaldoX.gif]

Offline FacFerC

What about adding crew records? crew with more average rp, crew with more members, crew with more members connected at the same time on NFSSA, etc.

Offline Orbacle

(01-12-2018, 03:11)FacFerC Wrote: What about adding crew records? crew with more average rp, crew with more members, crew with more members connected at the same time on NFSSA, etc.

hmm, nice, probs gon add + also few extra categories

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