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Free ban

Napisany przez Karakuzas, 30-08-2018, 02:22

Free ban

Offline BUNNY

Of course he is lying. There are just too much coincidences in his "story" that gives him out. I personally don't care if he gets unban or perma ban as long as he does not affect me or the quality of the gameplay. We'll just have to see how will he act after his 30 days ban. If he'll be the same then he'll get his straight perma ban no questions asked and basically that's all Smile
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Away Pedroxz15

Exactly, he's wasting our time too.

Offline Karakuzas

You know, you do not have to look at this topic if you do not want to Smile

Offline BUNNY

Actually I want to, because as from now on I am going to start monitoring you, so be my guest and try breaking the rules again. I will report you without even batting an eye. Also do not feel threatened or something, just play as you do, but remember that this is your last chance, so good luck and don't fuck up Smile
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline ilicivan905

No, you cannot buy an unban. lol

Offline Tekk

(12-09-2018, 22:00)ilicivan905 Wrote: No, you cannot buy an unban. lol

[Image: fe37qUS.jpg]

Offline susis


Online bk_player

No need more bump.
I closed this thread

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