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NFSSA Haters in a nutshell

Napisany przez Rafaea512, 14-07-2018, 00:09

NFSSA Haters in a nutshell

Offline [ROTS]Mad_Mike

Heh, k
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Offline darealarusham

nfssa is my fav mta server,i didnt really play other mta servers other than this gangwars thing in arabic which is kinda nostalgic 2017 crap for me,now i only have mta installed on my pc to play nfssa.

only thing i hate about nfssa is the community,and crap optimisation and i also hate the fact that people hang around in doherty so much to the point where i cant even go near there without frames dropping

i love nfssa to the point where i have this cringey imaginary story crap in my mta map,and i make imaginary races there too.

Offline KacPower

The thing which started annoying me is that there are few events. Here you can only rivalize in normal racing and try to make top times (it's quite difficult cause not everyone knows best dyno to cars etc). Recently it's even difficult to race beacuse a lot of players exhibit their cars in doherty. I know that there are also magazines, diamonds hunt etc but with time it's getting boring especially for players who have over 500krp - who can buy everything.
What's i really like it's url racing which still bring me a fun but as in normal races there is problem with dyno which gives to some players an advantage.
Every now and then i play here cause of memories related with this server or time which i spent here but.. i am waiting for something which would attract me again (clanwars, tournaments, events - whatever).

Offline Pedroxz15

I have been playing at NFS:SA since 2017 and is one of my favorite MTA servers.

Unfortunately, this is just my opinion, the community has become worse because of retards and several times I gave up playing on the server because of this.

Another thing I complain about the server is the fact that the server is badly optimized.

I still remember back in 2017 I spent 1 hour/2 hours on the server because there were quick races and custom races all the time and url's, today I just log on the server to do Diamond Hunt, Time-Trial and Pursuits (Milestones) and 30 minutes later I disconnect from the server.

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