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[S. Mod] Nhung

Napisany przez Tekk, 26-06-2018, 03:30
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[S. Mod] Nhung

Offline Tekk

Good day.

There's been lack of activity from the s.mod's side lately, (especially in Ru part of the community). If there's a massive flame or flood, or people being complete dickheads to each other or everyone, start ramming et.c, sometimes I need to ask a foreign mod for help (thanks to Yokou and Rukito for being there). Can't say it works everytime though, cause some of the other mods just don't want to bother. But no, I'm not trying to say that these mods are bad. It's completely understandable that every mod has a language chat to keep an eye on, and that not every single person on this server knows English to be able to talk to them. So, here's the reason why I created this thread: Hex is not as active during daytime (IRL stuff), and Nhung just doesn't have the same mod abilities, even though he's been a lot more active and overall being a great help. I don't know if having two s. mods is too much, but the point is, that sometimes having an ability to give a 1~3 day ban is simply a necessity. The amount of braindead idiots who just can't be stopped from doing dumb shit is somewhat impressive. I've been a mod on a custom TF2 server for about 3 years, can tell I guess. Anyways, just felt like sharing this with the rest of the community. I'll leave a poll here to see what other people think.

Thanks for your time. Peace.

Offline scaftz

Nhung is doing his job good as a moderator, despite having below moderate English skills. He is dependable if you want him to do things as you request properly, even though you will have a bad time communicating with him at some point. His online activity is also notable. I see him fit as an S-Moderator.

Offline HanzoITS

Well, as I'm the one who taught and developed him in those days, I can see that he's doing his job as good as possible. Also one thing needed to mention is not repeating my mistakes on the mod's post. But anyways, he does have a couple of unserious behavior on the backside.
Its often argued that senior administration or "Polands" can't barely understand the meaning of being RUS Moderator. Like it's a bit different, due to English skills and "inadequatenesses" of the Rus community players. I mean it's a big inequity when Rus Mod is being mentioned as a nonactive one, just because he did a bit of ENGLISH mistakes (not Russian, mind you) when he wants to moderate only Rus chat.
Maybe every candidate can just try to agree for moderating ONLY rus chat and simpy report the situation to SuperMods or NFSSA TEAM, but I never heard this before coming from "Polands".

That's one thesis to think about. But there's no doubt he must be promoted.

And you must understand that Hexagon is working hard on his work, he can't stay on the server. But smtimes he can't keep his promises. Whatever.
HZITS, Hanzo Itsuka, Colin McRae, HanzoITS

Offline Orbacle

Nhung is helpful in ru community and beyond. Passionate, loves this server, so I don't see why not.

Away Hexagon

Active moderator in RU section, control chat section, being helpful for players — that all what necessary from him, and he do it alright
From his moderators stage not seen bad things he did, so can say yes

Offline susis

promote him

Offline BUNNY

One thing I am sure of is that we need him. Nhung is one of the most active and helpful moderators rn. Very responsive, many hours per day spent in-game and actually taking care of shit, by not only keeping the Russian chat clean, but also the global and also behaving some other toxic rule-breakers. The only answer to the question of whether making Nhung a Super Moderator or not, is of course yes.
P. S. Those who vote no in the poles are most likely inadequate rule-breakers Nhung has taken care of, so I wouldn't even bother listening to what they got to say.
dude I'm a rabbit, how do you expect me to sign

Offline Mentik

Nhung suck and bad lol,moderator changed him behaviour,smod will destroy him.. He doing nothing muted me with no reason,when i have a lot of screenshots in (anodize,yester,evolution,nexon,pieland) And he didnt mute them cuz they are him friends...

Offline Tekk

(30-06-2018, 22:05)Mentik Wrote: Nhung suck and bad lol
(30-06-2018, 22:05)Mentik Wrote: muted me with no reason,when i have a lot of screenshots

Dude, you literally created a massive shitstorm out of nowhere just about 15 minutes ago. After you got unmuted 2 days ago.

Being mad and calling Nhung a bad moderator for doing his freaking job isn't going to get you anywhere. Don't turn this thread into a huge dump. There are at least 4 people right now who can prove that it was you who started this mess.

Offline Mirabi

why not good guy

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