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DC9; DC16

Napisany przez Tekk, 22-06-2018, 16:52

DC9; DC16

Away bamers

(22-06-2018, 23:07)Tekk Wrote: Thanks for your reply.

Well, see, first I thought that the problem was with my OS, so I re-installed it. That didn't help. Then I tested the game with and without my AV software. First on a fresh installed, clean system. Then I found that it still happening regardless, so I installed the AV back. I don't have any kind of fancy software installed here on my laptop. It's just the AV, Firefox, Discord, VLC, Notepad++, MTA and NFS:SA booster. Plus I don't have then running on the background (except for Discord) when I play the game. The system is Windows 7 (x64) Ultimate, so I guess things should be working fine. I also don't have any kind of fucky rules or exceptions set in my firewall, so I just I have no idea on what I should try next. Speaking of the ISP, no other programs been saying that I lost my connection and they kept working as usual. Things such as Discord been working fine even when the DC9/16 happened.

I wonder if I should change something in the MTA files, like if there's a client config maybe? I'm not a technician, but I've heard of things like choke and loss before, could be I had something similar, dunno. Will wait for some more replies before doing stuff blindly.

Your welcome.

Hmm...looks like no problem from the OS, even from the software programs. Your PC sounds clean tho.
You have a great OS there, I agree, there shouldn't be any problem from there.
Good, so firewall is checked and no interference there too.

Well, customer services like that shouldn't be relied on. I have seen the official Microsoft forum, but it is meh.They just care about releasing, either fresh products or patches, not about maintaining. The other fan-made forum is much better, I got many solutions from there. This is OOT tho.

Yes, that's the best way. I think, any NFS:SA Team knows better about this. I hope they can post something here.

Wish you all the best
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