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Speedometer of NFS Underground.

Napisany przez LUISOTE, 10-06-2018, 01:54
Speedometer of NFS Underground.


Add the Speedometer of Need For Speed Underground to NFS:SA. Looks cool Will be nice.

[Image: 39868248.jpg]
 RX7 Powah![Image: jdm4us-phew.gif]

Offline scaftz

Looks good. but the Digital font is not possible i think, since what i can see on the server is that all the speedometers got same font styles.

Offline BShen-V12

won't it be possible to replace fonts?

Offline Mirabi

for me, it will be good for stock speed-o-meter, and it will be good, if it will be colorable

Offline MatthewChow

Bartek once told me they are not adding any more speedometers when I offered to make some.
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The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
... Although that sounds kinda lame.

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