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Car sounds changes suggestion

Napisany przez Jamesrobinson, 10-04-2018, 09:25
Car sounds changes suggestion

Offline Jamesrobinson

This thread is about something that might be good for the servers,but i'm not sure it will be much fit but it's okay to share ideas so here is the ideas

A.Car sounds changes

Here is the list of car sounds that need to be changed (Jester Especially)

Monroe need some Bit v12 sounds,because it pretty much based on miura it will be good with it
the link of the sounds should be like
(for the idle,rev,and flyby)
(for the sounds when you drive it)

Beta jester should be good for now
the link of the sound
note:Skip to 2:07 for jester

same as jester,but a bit lower pitch (like 7.5k rpm sound or something)

That just for now,hope you all like it
[Image: jerry.jpg]

Offline whiteseed

In serwer go to: options > audio > car sounds settings and disable it. Use some sound mod for your SFX folder or download Alci's SAAT GUI FrontEnd and try to tweak yourself.

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