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Customizable car horns

Napisany przez GtaSeriesFan, 06-04-2018, 17:25
Customizable car horns

Offline GtaSeriesFan


Today I would like to share with an idea. I think that customizable car horns would be a cool feature. It can be horns from other cars, from trucks, or made from scratch. That's all.

Away bamers

i just hope there's a setting to turn off horn sound
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Offline Akamataa

Hmm i think it's not bad idea, BUT it's waste of time.
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Offline scaftz

Already suggested before https://www.nfssa.com/thread-6893.html . Honesty, i don't like this. Some Manana spamming horns on doherty are annoying enough for me, imagine truck horns or some weird noises.

Offline Madman

Good idea I think, but only when you could turn it totally off
and.. Like Aka said - waste of time, there are better things to work on
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Offline LeonSkript


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