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Drivetrain swaps.

Napisany przez EdekKredek, 03-04-2018, 19:34
Drivetrain swaps.

Offline EdekKredek

Drivetrain swaps.
Deadboy said that they aren't possible. May I know why?
I think it's not very complicated.

Offline Madman

Technically they are possible, just like Jester is RWD here, even if it was FWD in original GTA
BUT, it's only because every car on the server has its own new handling made from scratch. Can you imagine how much work would it be to make every car on the server in 3 types (AWD, RWD, FWD)? It would be like making 50+ cars more
And Bartek said there wouldn't be ANY new car after muscles. Not even a single one.
I don't have to say that the work on different drivetrain in a car would be nearly the same work that you could spend on making completely new car
Would you want Blista FWD + Blista RWD or Blista FWD + for ex. Moonbeam?

EDIT. Okay, maybe I gone too far with that. But you know my point. Too much effort leading to too small effects
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Online scaftz

Just as Madman said. Sure changing the drivetrain from the handling editor might only take 1 or 2 clicks away. But then every other stats like traction or acceleration must be changed as well after since the car will behave differently, like it will accelerates better or turns worse. Basically will take almost a same effort as making a new handling line for a new car.

Offline Maslanka

i imagine mananas with awd kicking sultans ass
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Offline EdekKredek

Ok, thx for explaining.

Topic can be locked

Offline MatthewChow

Moonbeam, totally Moonbeam.
<- As the profile says... Add it!

Although, I think you're all exaggerating a bit.
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The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline Madman

I know, I know.. I am exaggerating so often.. This is one of my problems :/
But hey, everyone knows what I mean
And I want Moonbeam too. Everytime I hear "add it" I see your profile picture, you are haunting me with your Moonbeam dreams
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