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Ola me ajudem

Napisany przez Guigame1, 26-03-2018, 22:12
Ola me ajudem

Offline Guigame1

Oi eu comprei um primium pelo paypal ai eu coloquei meu usuario mais tao falando que ta errado

Offline Akamataa

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it's so hard to use google translate? just press this link... https://translate.google.pl/?hl=pl#pt/en/

"Hi, I bought a primium for paypal, so I put my user so far as to say that it's wrong." but still i don't know what u want.
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Offline Orbacle

write bartek[PL] (on forum or discord) if you entered wrong account name (you have to write your login into server, not mta name)

Offline MatthewChow

O código premium é para ser posto no chat do jogo. Na mensagem que vc recebe tem um comando entre '_' aspas. Copie esse comando excluindo as aspas e escreva quando está na garagem no chat da tecla T e prima enter.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

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