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Akamataa Dyno Guide and my Dyno Setups??

Napisany przez Akamataa, 24-03-2018, 20:39

Akamataa Dyno Guide and my Dyno Setups??

Offline Akamataa

Sure, ofc the best dynos, are dynos made by yourself. I made this only as reference point, to undestand how dyno works. Now even i'm using different standards to make dyno.

And this guide is half year old Smile There are some RWD cars like Washington, Futo, Zr-130 that prefer 50/50 balance over -10 center of mass

I plan to do basic dyno for every car, that will be easy to handle, and good enough to make some top times. But actually its to hard to find any race... so i don't have motivation ;(
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