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What is happening?

Napisany przez MisterJohnson, 07-03-2018, 18:36
What is happening?

Offline MisterJohnson

What is happening to the people that plays here?not only here..but everywhere specially on the internet..They just can't mind their own business..feeling offended by innofensive things that doesnt even concern themselves became also a habit, and the statement "it offends me" seems to be more relevant than reason and common sense..I dont feel sorry for the people actually prejudiced by it..but for the ones that actually feels better when it happens to someone else

(This should be moves to odd topic or sth)

Offline DareDevil42

If you feel the need of moving this to off-topic, you can just copy paste what you said, delete this post and post there.

Oh, and P.S: Stop being E-D-G-Y

Offline MatthewChow

There's an off-topic?...
Shit, I wish I know sooner. I'd love to create threads about things that I'm offended by...

But yeah, I feel yah, bro. I fall victim to tightly assed flowers too. Some people just can't get a joke...
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