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Vinly bug

Napisany przez ilker03, 28-02-2018, 21:01
Vinly bug

Offline ilker03

Hello everyone i have this bug, My vinly quality is on high but i see them like on the medium settings but in garage i see them as high quality here is some screenshots


PS:I tried to reinstall MTA but didnt work

Offline bartekPL

Do you use Booster?

Offline ilker03

never used it

Offline bartekPL

Set quality to high.
Disconnect from server.
Open folder where you have installed MTA > mods > detathmatch > resources and clear ngui-cache directory (you can remove it completely).
Connect to server and should be fine.

Offline ilker03

ok i will try it

it didnt work

its the same

and i forgot to mention. i asked a friend of mine that could do my diamondhunt for me and he asked to modify one of my cars and the day after when i joined i had this problem

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