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Vinyl run with diamond run

Napisany przez Kareen, 10-02-2018, 10:34
Vinyl run with diamond run

Offline Kareen

Hello, I found a bug accidentally, when i start a vinyl run and I drive into green pole (wchich start a diamond run) then i have a two times of each runs. When durring vinyl run, diamond run will inform me that i been too slow, then vinyl run goes normally but appears a police radar and police cruisers, and i must watch out to not exceed a speed limit.

[Image: gC60zya.jpg][Image: TjgWDb4.jpg][Image: W9U69E3.jpg][Image: yBemp05.jpg][Image: pHCOgBP.png]

Offline Rarti

pro tip: do the diamond hunt first time, then magazine.

Offline MatthewChow

Unicum tip: Do both at the same time! Wink
[Image: nd5psw834bv4nb6zg.jpg]
Uranus is a pain in my anus.

Offline scaftz

Good luck on failing both.

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