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Kuruma types of headlights & rearlights

Napisany przez ZetaLobo, 21-05-2024, 07:00
Kuruma types of headlights & rearlights

Offline ZetaLobo

Hello, i hope this post finds response, sooner or later.
I´d like to suggest the addition of types of Headlights and Rearlights for the Kuruma, wich has nothing but textures when it comes to these parts. It would be cool if we could make it look like a Honda Civic SI, for example. 
Actually, using some vinyls, i was able to make the front of the car look just as the Civic, and i got excited for it until i found out the Kuruma has vertical rearlights, and BIG ones, so it is not possible to make the rear look as the Honda model.

Some players i met ingame had managed to make the Kuruma look like a BMW M5, Volkswagen Passat and Audi A1 using their creativity and some vinyls. Still, the fact that we cannot change its rearlights, nor even cover these with vinyls to make some fake ones, is a bit of a shame we cannot do more.
As some would just stick, and even be proud of their result (wich is totally fine), we would be very grateful if we could have types of headlights and rearlights for this beatiful unique car, brought to our beloved San Andreas server, from the very first 3D GTA SAGA game, GTA III Liberty City, and that thanks to the server team!

So, as said, i would like to suggest at least types of rearlights (but headlights too as well, if possible), and i have some ideas i will leave here, hoping some mod will find it good to try it out.

Possible builds we could get with the addition of rearlights and headlights for the Kuruma:

- Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I, IV and VI.
- Honda Civic Gen5 (1995) and Gen6 (2000).
- BMW M5 (2008/F10)
- Volkswagen Passat B5 (2005)
- Audi A6 C5 (2004)

Attaching pictures of the mentioned real cars Big Grin





It seems i can´t attach more than 5 files, so i had to choose 4 of the models i mention, and a ingame screenshot.

Here´s my ingame build of the Kuruma Smile


By now, thanks for reading, and for all the NFSSA team for all the hard work on this beatiful server!

Online Orbacle

Kuruma update (including head- and rearlight types) is planned.

Offline ZetaLobo

(10-06-2024, 10:00)Orbacle Wrote: Kuruma update (including head- and rearlight types) is planned.

Omg, beatiful!
Thanks for reading this post Big Grin!

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