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Hello, my nickname is Banana

Napisany przez bananaguy, 17-01-2024, 14:21
Hello, my nickname is Banana

Offline bananaguy

Hello, I am Banana. 
When I was first playing MTA on my laptop and first days since I've got new PC, my nickname was abobamaster228 - same name I had when I was playing SA-MP. Why did I become Banana - some player (still can't remember who) called me, or my car, "banana". Since then I am known more as that russian funny boi fruit.
Later, I loved playing NFSSA and started communicating with people and joined Discord server, where I mostly talk. I had some experience in DYOM, singleplayer mission maker mod, and I already made some race maps in MTA map editor (posted in Discord, #forrum, you can check them out), but they are not accepted yet.
Now (since 2024) I am hanging out in Discord since my father doesn't want to pay for the Internet. I hope he will pay for it at least starting this summer, and I will show my other creations, if there will be any.
That's all I can say about myself with 8 years of learning English.
Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile

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Yo welcome Big Grin
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