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My account has been compromised

Napisany przez XtrangeHD, 12-01-2024, 23:28

My account has been compromised

Offline yokou

also be sure to think about past account sharing for dh or something else, those slight details might be crucial
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Offline yokou

(13-01-2024, 01:20)XtrangeHD Wrote:
(13-01-2024, 01:18)yokou Wrote: https://imgur.com/a/NBO3gbc according to this screenshot this happened recently, so i gotta need more details about the dude. regarding you and haskez - i recognize you both and i know you've been playing for a long time, i'll see what i can do in this case but i can't promise anything, depends how far our backup files reach and other stuff

HaskeZ will contact you on the discord ok ?

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Offline Little_Relli

Maybe someone steal your account or smth else happend
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Offline Orbacle


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