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The NFS:SA Easter Egg List 2.0

Napisany przez WildPotato, 14-09-2023, 20:34

The NFS:SA Easter Egg List 2.0

Offline RaiUwU

[Image: mta-screen_2017-08-23_18-27-42.png?ex=65...5a9960a38&]
Rare once in a life time "easter egg"
YOUTUBE:Rai's Trashcan

Offline Medek

Update the tunnel, since it has been opened

Offline Little_Relli

(14-09-2023, 20:34)WildPotato Wrote:
Hello, Hello!
"Welcome to the NFS:SA Easter Egg / Secret / Neat little details post  
I'll be your tour guide for today, try not to get ran over by somebody who's just gotten their license and is in a not-so-reliable heavily modified shitbox"

Before we get started, I'd like to clear some things up
If the "Current Status" is:
Green = It's currently on the server
Red = It's currently NOT on the server Smile

[Image: Flint_County_SA.jpg]

Flint County & Whetstone
"Our first stop, in the beautiful state of San Andreas is the forestry of Flint County and it's surroundings.
A population largely known for inbreeding and having sex with animals."

1. The Black Vincent
"A mysterious driver in a modified 1992 Übermacht Vincent. The modifications include: 200% Window tint, matte black paint, a "Fishtail" spoiler, stolen XXXL speakers which are able to play the most mental techno music possible. Reported to drive a certain route every single day, only stopping for fuel every so often. An anonymous local mentioned trying to race the driver, only to be left in their dust."
Current Status: In Action
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-00-52.png]

2. Slenderman
"A tall, humanoid figure. Said to wonder and roam the lower ends of Mount Chilliad. It's reported by locals that it's only visible around on Halloween."
Current Status: Missing in Action
[Image: mta-screen_2021-04-06_15-09-38.png] 

3. Bigfoot
"A hairy, big footed creature. What the fuck do you expect me to say, he has big feet. Wanders 'round Chilliad like the fancy-dressed fella."
Current Status: Missing in Action

[Image: mta-screen_2017-08-22_22-21-44.png]

[Image: MissionaryHill-GTASA.png]

San Fierro
"Street racers, Prostitutes, Drug-Bases, Corruption and Depression"

1. Washingotton
"Listen, I know this one's not exactly exclusive to San Fierro, but it was imported through the totally-legit cargo ships. First sighted in early 2017 when a bunch of them 
were rampaging on the streets, driven by a bunch of masked individuals.
Current Status: Crashed and Burning in a ditch

[Image: Washingotton_2.png][Image: Washingotton.png]

2. Santa's Sleigh and UFOs
"Right, both of these were sighted MAINLY over San Fierro. Sleigh comes around on Christmas, UFOs start appearing as early as mid to late September! That's it... You should sometimes visit Bikernieki when these are around... You won't regret it!"
Current Status: Shot by the Anti-Air Defense Systems over Bone County
[Image: Santa_Sleigh.png][Image: UFO.png][Image: mta-screen_2023-03-17_21-47-23.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-03-17_21-37-14.png]

3. Drug Lab Dyno Machine
"What a name, possibly the location where the Washingotton's insane tuning was done"
Current Status: It's there... But like, why is it a drug lab?
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-58-28.png]

4. Gay Cop Cars!
"Yes, you didn't misread the title. Gay Cop Cars!"
Current Status: Disabled

[Image: unknown-6.png]

5. Moonbeam Bodypillow
Current Status: Annihilated
[Image: unknown.png]

                         [Image: Bayside_Tierra_Robada_SA.jpg]
"Not much to see here, just... a tiny little community with a weird island next to it"

1. Tunnels
"Let's get this out of the way first. Tunnels under construction, where do they lead? Nobody knows! Wait and find out. Not like you have much of a choice anyway."
Current Status: Still being built
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-04-29.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-03-59.png]

2. Yeti
"Just... bigfoot, but white. Cool! Look at his happy little face, look at that bigass smile!"
Current Status: Extinct
[Image: Yeti_1.png]

3. Kalahari Island
"I can't be asked to put everything seperately. They're all really minor things so they'll be listed here.
Attactions on the island include:
-a Doritos Bag
-a Sword embedded in bones
-Grove Street graffiti
-A very friendly warning sign
-The Gaben Shrine"
Current Status: All of them are there
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-02-33.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-29-05.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-29-29.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-29-48.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-31-55.png]

4. Hidden Accessory Shop
"There is nothing special about it, it's just not marked on the map!"
Current Status: Open, closing hours: Never.

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-32-43.png]

[Image: TheStrip-GTASA.png]
Las Venturas & The Surrounding area
"Come with your wife and kids, leave completely broke"

1. "Secret" Christmas island
"Not quite secret, completely accessible everyday. You just need to be a little creative!"
Current Status: Accessible
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-08-33.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-05-56.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-07-26.png?width...height=422]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-07-18.png?width...height=613]

"Just says Mechanic. Nothing much!"
Current Status: It definitely is there
[Image: MECHANIC.png]

3. Walton Wreck
"A Bravado Walton, seems to have been stuck in the desert for a few decades. Ultra-rare wooden bed sport edition, production year unknown. There is also a 2nd one, located ontop of a rock nearby. Nobody really knows how it got there."
Current Status: Unrestorably Damaged
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-35-44.png][Image: unknown_1.png]

4. Greenscreen Room
"Have you got awful photoshop skills? Are none of your cars getting pinned in the showroom? Do you want to make a terrible edit to take a shot at the glorious pins? Come down to the Greenscreen room!"
Current Status: Open for business

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_18-05-34.png]

5. Ugandan Knuckles
"I almost didn't put this in cause it's such a shit meme that's been dead and should stay dead. But, since that's the whole point of this thing, I had to"
Current Status: Thankfully gone

[Image: unknown.png]

6. The Backrooms
"How did you get here?"
Current Status:

[Image: 9KHJecf.png]

7. ???
Current Status: ???

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-15_18-40-38.png]

[Image: Jefferson-GTASA.png?width=1440&height=548]
Los Santos & Bikernieki
"One side is a gangster's paradise and a few miles down the road is where they hold the Hotring Championships... Truly, a city."
1. Bikernieki Graffiti
"There's alot to unpack here so here we go...
-Among Us

Current Status: Nice, fresh paint!
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-44-41.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-44-03.png]

2. Orby's Customs
"Not exactly Secrets or Easter Eggs, but 2 small little details
Including: The Dyno-Meter has the Performance Shop logo/icon as the screen
The computer monitor on the balcony shows a Blender project of the infamous VC Banshee

Current Status: Worst place to get a remap, never go there

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-45-32.png][Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-45-24.png]

3. Buffalo Wreck
"Said to have lost control one night on Powerline. Somebody who lives in the area took the car in for a project... But was left there after mysterious circumstances."
Current Status: Rusting
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-42-18.png]

4. Bikernieki Apartment Rave
"Must be one hell of a party up in there!"
Current Status: The most banger techno music that will make your eardrums bleed

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-43-43.png]

5. Blueberry Hidden Performance Store
"Do you see a pattern here with the dodgy tuning garages? Yeah. Don't fucking go there to tune your car, they'll just steal your entire engine!"
Current Status: Ready to destroy your engine!

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-37-38.png]

6. Brand new Los Santos Dealership!
"You might have noticed Grotti have opened their 2nd dealership in town, however, it's not exactly marked on any kind of maps or GPS satellites..."
Current Status: Opening Tomorrow
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-39-18.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-39-26.png?width...height=501]

7. Motorland Dildo
"If you're one of the retards who thinks that Motorland is bad, here's something so you can pleasure yourself with till you enjoy it."
Current Status: Waiting for you

[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-57-45.png]

8. Matthew "MoonbeamChow
"Minivan enjoying large creature. Approach with caution"
Current Status: Standing there, menacingly.
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-38-39.png]

9. Him
"He sees and hears everything that's happening."
Current Status: Unknown

[Image: aaaa.PNG]

10. ???
"01001001 01110100 00100111 01110011 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110010 01110000 01101100 01100101 00101100 00100000 01101100 01101111 01101100 00100001 00001010"
Current Status: 01011001 01100101 01110011
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-14_17-40-20.png]
[Image: mta-screen_2023-09-16_10-29-29.png]

Thank you so much for the attention to those who got all the way down here.
Just because you were such a cool guy and got down here, I wish you a very nice day/night!
I will be updating this if and when there's a new addition to the server.
(This took me an hour to make so please, don't let this die... Thanks!)
Regards, Murly "The :3" Wurly

[Image: need-for-speed-carbon-nfs-carbon.gif]


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