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Update - 30/09/2019 - NFS:SA Classic

Napisany przez bartekPL, 30-09-2019, 20:39
Update - 30/09/2019 - NFS:SA Classic

Offline bartekPL

Server update 30/09/2019

Server will be closed at 21:00 Polish time to apply the update.

October - The Month of NFS:SA

March 4th - this is the day that all of you know as NFS:SA's anniversary. Well, you are right, but... you are also wrong. Yes, the server was released on 4th March, 2016, but this is already the second version of this server - NFS:SA 2.0. Not many of you know that NFS:SA is much older and started long before 2016. 

So, if not 4th March 2016, then, when? 27th October 2012 - this is the day the very first version of NFS:SA was released. It was tiny, extremely bugged and unpopular. It was closed and reopened many times with database reset just after release, but, without a positive result until a long break in late 2013 and successful relaunch in March 2016 (introducing open beta - late 2015).

The development of the first NFS:SA started at the beginning of 2012, so, this project is already 7 years old!

New server - NFS:SA Classic

[Image: GobNrO3.png] [Image: 95Kq1wR.png] [Image: w7BdUnz.png] [Image: gPoIyPW.png] [Image: 1YFMWba.png] 

Is there anyone here that remembers the old NFS:SA? No? Then you have possibility to try it out on your own!
In my old archives I found a working copy of the old NFS:SA from 2013, marked as version v0.2b and I managed to successfully launch it on the current MTA version.

To celebrate it, we decided to open for you a new, special NFS:SA Classic server with the gamemode from 2013 during October 2019. It means that from 01/10/2019 to 31/10/2019 you will be able to join the NFS:SA Classic server and check on your own how it was 6 years ago.

NFS:SA Classic Server will be launched during night time from 30.09 to 01.10 at a random hour without any additional announcement to avoid too many players joining at the same time.
Server will be available at:

Classic server is connected with main server - after joining you won't create a new account there but instead log in using your existing account from main NFS:SA server.

Notice: Classic server is out of any support - the script is very old and not easy to develop on. If you found a bug - ignore it and try to reconnect (recommended after first join). Remember that this is a totally different server with it's own mechanics and many things work in a different way than on main server.

Classic Speedometer

A few of you managed to find screenshots from the old NFS:SA and immediately noticed one thing - speedometer. As you know, the current NFS:SA has speedometers based on NFS:Underground 2 style, but the old NFS:SA had the speedometer from NFS:Underground 1. Many of you have asked for this old speedometer for a long time due to its uniqueness and claiming it's just better.
Specially for you, we decided to move this speedometer into current NFS:SA as an unique speedometer.

[Image: 06t74fS.png] [Image: xcYKYgw.png]

To unlock it, all you have to do is to join NFS:SA Classic and play at least 40 races there (time-trials count too) - after that you will get a special achievement and the classic speedometer will be automatically unlocked on the main server.
The possibility to unlock this speedometer is very limited, because you only have till 31st October, when the classic server will be closed, so you better hurry up!

New changes on main server:
  • URL announcements in chat mention URL location
  • Respawning a flipped car in freerun no longer makes it face the opposite direction
  • More respawn spots around freerun
  • Several tracks had their rewards adjusted
  • Added many more magazine spots and now 3 chosen spots are random

I hope you enjoy NFS:SA Classic. Have a good October!

Offline LeonSkript

[Image: puvIAqJ.jpg]

Offline scaftz

Ay it is exactly my birthday. Some nice birthday present coming from here. Thank you. See ya on the classic server everyone.

Offline Max59

It is happening!
[Image: Xy4G0aO.png]

Offline Rooboty

Now that's cool! BTW side note: thanks for the extra MR spots, that will freshen it up a bit.

Offline BLAZEJ

bartek jakie haslo

Offline Nabatse

Man, i'm wondering if it will be a real challange to get this speedometer. I mean, it's the first version of the nfs sa, so i expect a lot of bug that will make this task hard to achieve
Challenge Accepted

And there was a tracker for you to know how many you did in 1 task? Why isn't it a thing nowadays too?
[Image: 1e6820d12e2cf626a315b8c2ce154bde0c2ab0b9...468_hq.gif]


Offline RaiUwU

Interesting, wanna see how things was back on the days.
YOUTUBE:Rai's Trashcan

Offline RacerTR

Again Great things When i cant log in xd
Look at how this looks suprisingly weird and good[Image: 2000_TVR_CerberaSpeed1211.jpg]

Offline ApexSpirit

good for peoples who own this speedometer...
and i'm still dont have this nostalgic couse l dont have time to finsh limited event when it was announced (

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