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Circuit Centrai City Market

Napisany przez Devilish, 20-07-2021, 20:35
Circuit Centrai City Market

Offline Devilish

(20-07-2021, 23:23)ivke Wrote: 0:22 those boxvile's really dont need to be there,replace it with arrows
0:50 pretty unnecesary imo because you cant really get confused on where you have to go,probably would remove those
1:18 on the left i would maybe put arrows
1:37 i mean does that orange thing really need to be there?you could have just kept with the fire truck there and it would have been fine
2:03 you dont have to do this but on the left i would maybe remove the arrows so there is a little shortcut there,it would be a nice corner to go through at fast speed
Also you could drive a bit faster lol no real need to go that slow,but thats just me
Overall,map is nice and would fit nicely into the server.Good job Cool

1.Nah i Think It Wouldn't Fit With Arrow
[Image: mta-screen_2021-07-23_10-10-23.png?width=400&height=225]

As You Can See,So Thats Why i Put Boxville In There

2. Fixed.
[Image: mta-screen_2021-07-23_10-11-54.png?width=400&height=225]

3.But For Me No Because It's Really Useless Lmao

[Image: mta-screen_2021-07-23_10-43-27.png?width=400&height=225]

See? I Think It's Better With Just Like That.

[Image: mta-screen_2021-07-23_10-12-03.png?width=400&height=225]

5.Well Maybe Its Okay With That And Im Doing That On Purpose Tho Because I Just Afraid From Bump.

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