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Either something happens or this server is going to die.

Napisany przez Szejdi, 21-02-2020, 18:18
Poll: Do you think that those changes and ideas would make this server a much better place?
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Either something happens or this server is going to die.

Offline Szejdi

Hello players, exhausted players*, exhausted by the lack of changes players**

The reason that this thread is being posted here is rather sad than offensive towards the stuff of this server. I'm not trying to be a smartass who's only complaining about crap and  shit. I'm actually quite sad about the actual situation of the previous most unique MTA server - it's dying. More and more people are leaving, and there aren't many newcomers. Everyone with a pair of eyes can easily notice, that all of this is provoked by one simple reason - this server is simply boring. You can have fun grinding, but for a short time, same stands for having fun with liveries, dynos, drifts etc. etc. So, why aren't there any drastic changes?  I assume, it's because nobody is keen on donating his time into it. So what are we gonna do to make the creative and trustworthy people create actual good changes for us? We need to motivate them by donations. Here comes the total overhaul of premium feature.

[Image: Pzmjbmz.png]

As you can see in the attachment, there are all of premium features at this moment. 
I've numbered them to later on describe the usefulness of every specific feature, add, delete, and suggest something new.

1. This feature used to be "somewhat" useful at the beginning of this server, when spotify, tidal, and even discord weren't such things. Now it's looking more like an another "point" to make the list of features longer. We are mostly going to focus on the quality, not quantity.
2. This shouldn't be a premium feature, every player should have a right to block messages on pms, not even all of them, but from specific players.
3. Useful, definitely a reason to buy premium.
4. If somebody cares about having multiple drivers on one account, let it be this way. 
5. 70% to  85% is okay, you still lose from a bad decision, but a little less.
6. 10% is an alright amount of boost for gaining RP and money, but definitely not something everyone is buying premium for.
7. More vinyl layers are always a good thing. Although, i'd add a feature that lets you at least delete those already put vinyls after premium expires. 
8. Also something that should stay, it's a good feature.
9. Every donating player should be known, it stays.
10. For hesitant people, but not bad.
11. Saves a couple of seconds/minutes, due to removing a magazine before every another magazine run.

12. So there they are, all of them. Now, it's time for some of my  and @sanderka suggestions. I've been playing there back then in 2016, she's got a nice time spent. We both definitely see some lacks and things that need more attention:
  • Increasing rewards from 10 up to 20%
  • No money penalties from being busted in PP
  • Gaining heat lever quicker, losing it more slowly(50% to 50%)
  • An ability to practice every map outside of races(including URL maps)
  • Better rewards for doing freerun duels(2x)
  • More money for collecting freerun money(2x)
  • Quick travel from one safe house to another
  • Being able to connect a dyno for a specific performance setup, and choose it along with changing the performance in real time. For exmaple, driving a 499 infernus, and changing it to 450 infernus in real time whilst standing near the starting URL. (This feature may cost some money, for example 100$ everytime, and have a time delay)
Now, if you even thought that these changes are kinda controversial, here comes the best part about it. Premium should cost less, and there should be more options for buying it.
How much less? Which options? Lets discuss that together.

13. At this moment you can buy premium via PayPal, or a credit card. As we know, not everyone is bound to a credit card. Imagine how many people would love to buy it and have its features, but they simply can't. Adding a paysafecard and sms system would definitely help.
14. 2€ for 7days and 7€ for 30days. It's a little too much. I mean, it may seem like a very stupid move to make all of these changes, and gain LESS than before them, but it's not. It's a very simple vicious circle. 

[Image: PbjoiJ6.png]

A - More people donating a little less money for features that they'd love to be implemented
B - Server has an actual budget to make more and more changes 
C - Old players, newcomers are here to check everything out
D - Server is being played by hundreds of people everyday, at any time of day

So here it is, plain and simple. Feel free to discuss in the comments section and vote in the pool!

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Either something happens or this server is going to die. - by Szejdi - 21-02-2020, 18:18

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