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Circuit Run Around Wang

Napisany przez Criticalus, 07-06-2022, 19:16
Circuit Run Around Wang

Offline Criticalus

A second version of this Track.

Type: Circuit
Location: San Fierro
Video (Forward):

2 Video (Reverse):

(I'm 100% open for any suggestions)

Offline Aroszparo

epicos mappos but this number of vehicles can cause lags on weaker pc's

Offline Criticalus

(28-08-2022, 19:46)Aroszparo Wrote: epicos mappos but this number of vehicles can cause lags on weaker pc's

i didnt played with map editor for a while but i will try to fix that issue and also make the map a little big longer

Offline scaftz

There is just too many decorations and vehicles that don't add anything to the gameplay. While it doesn't seem too many and in fact is not that many, the compact map layout makes a lot of them renders at once. So maybe clean it up a bit. The objects i find better be gone are the Sentinel on the most left near start that has no purpose, The limo and premier lineup because it felt weird, The extra firetruck on fire HQ because its redundant.

The ramp decoration on doherty would actually makes a good shortcut with how that part is mapped but it just doesn't work with where the finish line is located so if you really want to change the route you might want to consider the ramp shortcut. Maybe go straight after Wang cars exit to give a better flow for the jump shortcut route.

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