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Docks Comercial Zone - BDragon - 18-02-2021

Name: Comercial Zone

Owner: DaX

Type: Drag

Map showcase:[Image: NewCanvas1.png?width=879&height=257]

RE: Docks Comercial Zone - MisterJohnson - 27-02-2021

Damn! it's been that long since I didn't seem a Drag race that good, damnit, I'd really love to see that in the server, should fix that bump on 0:40.
Also, a suggestion from a mapper to another, when placing fences (like those blocking the sewers) try to spin them on 180 degrees on any axis randomly, so their metal covering patterns will look like more natural and less Copy pasted.

RE: Docks Comercial Zone - BDragon - 25-05-2022

Well, i just lost the files from this track, lmao