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Hi everyone I'm Johnny! - DIESEL1000 - 04-02-2020

Hi drivers I'm Ionut(in english is Johnny like Johnny Bravo if someone rember that silly cartoon Big Grin).
I'm currently 20 years and 4 months old (god bless my mom Big Grin)and I'm as you can see a nfs sa racer since 11 days ago from now.
I'm a ''calm'' person sometimes I"m having rough days like everyone and I can get mad pretty easy soo... im not swearing in game in chats but im my mind I do.
My zodiac sign is virgo with a little bit of libra combined(for me to take a decision is very stressful).
I'm not a person who post his life on social media so i have instagram but i prefer when im travelling to post some temporarely stories and here's is my instagram:
Please don't judge my instagram name is merged with my facebook profile and im scared to show my real name for my security reasons.
I'm enjoying talking in english rather than romanian because this language I got fascinated in 9th grade and since then keep learing to write and talk with persons out of the romanian borders and is exciting for me i dont know why but I enjoy it!
My favourite games wich they have a special space in my heart are :Need for speed Underground(Underground 2),Carbon,Most Wanted(the 2012 one is meh but I kinda like it),the 2015 one i enjoy it but im hardware limited so sucks to suck,Grand Theft Auto 3,San Andreas,San Andreas Multiplayer or SAMP,Multi Theft Auto is breath taking in comparison with SAMP(i played SAMP about 3 years and playing MTA was mindblowing for me),Grand Theft Auto V(I'm so mad i cant play since they done the online 1.50 or the performance update my Rockstar games launcher keeps crap itself because old hardware from 3 years ago),I'm playing on Steam American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 from SCS Software,World of Tanks Blitz( the tank destroyers on the pc version annoys me),sometimes some Need for Speed World(this game has its official servers closed since summer of 2014 or 2015 and now runs with a special launcher wich allows the game to run again with a little bit of a twist).
Im loving to look at cars on youtube like dragsters,drift cars/builds or series,modified trucks from EU and USA(to be hones twith you i love the Scania T with an insane painjob and coolest exhaust sistem spitting flames when it 2 stepping),electric cars like bagged teslas,i love in general race cars,time attack cars,hill climb cars,drift cars,swapped engine cars sometimes,sema like built cars and trucks,tanks, and much more!
I'm a tech guy I'm spending my nights on youtube on unboxings and presentation of smartphones,pc's,laptops,gadgets,etc.
So yea that's me not in a very detailed presentaton but i realised i spent an hour and a half typing so LOL Big Grin.
Se you on the streets of San Andreas! Cool

RE: Hi everyone I'm Johnny! - MatthewChow - 04-02-2020

More detailed than most!
Welcome to the server, I hope you have fun here!
I'm Matt, one of the modelers in charge of car parts. We usually share some info on upcoming updates in our Discord server, so, if you're a Discord user, I'd recommend that even if just to look around or ask about things that might be troubling you as a new player.
I'm usually interested in listening about the experience new players have starting on the server, if you have some feedback about your first days, I'd be thankful!
Have a nice one!

RE: Hi everyone I'm Johnny! - DIESEL1000 - 04-02-2020

Hi Matt nice to meet you im so happy to play on this MTA server wich is one of a kind I actually enjoy the gameplay is nice somerimes Im having some interntet issues wich kicks me out of the race after a few hours of playing it.
I love the bodykits for some of the cars i wish if you create some bodykits really wide i guess like the time attack cars or group b rally cars(sorry Im not so informed aboout this i just like cars with very wide bodykits wide wheels than my future and big wings)
It's been 11 days since i registered on this server and my feedback for you is just amazing how this MTA is a big step on comparison with SAMP(San Andreas Multiplayer) I really enjoy the menus are alomost like from undergound and underground 2 wich I like it a lot the engine sounds I like some of the cars like Kuruma i guess has a funny engine sound like when it starts to move sound likt is revving above the clouds sounds weird for me for others i guess is normal but is just my opinion.
The bad part wich I dont kind of enjoy it is when I'm installing too many vynils on my own cars they load but not 100% and looks not like in the vynil shop and looks like was poor done it so i think is a good suggestion for the new update for the booster.
The second bad part is i tried like almost a week to merge my forum account with the in game account wich somehow today I dealt with and managed to happen but i checked my garage section for the in gamw profile on the forum and at this moment im owning 4 cars (Intruder,Cadrona,Moonbean and the Cartel Cruiser) but instead of those cars on forum show up like i was owning a Washington wich that's not true.
Today i just joined the discord server and talk there with other player because I didnt want to disturb the Devs and i tryied with another nice person from the discord wich has no role and find the problem but i tried everything he told me to do and nothing happens.
But overall i really like the this ideea of need for speed in san andreas is unique I dont even remember if a game had another game in it like you know what im saying, and is just mindblown and fascinating,so staff of NFS SA keep going is so cool this project to stay active a lot of years from now.
See you on the streets of San Andreas!😎

RE: Hi everyone I'm Johnny! - MatthewChow - 06-02-2020

The car sounds are modable, there are various threads with sound mods for the cars in this forum, so you can change any of the car sounds you don't like.
The vinyls have quality settings. If they aren't loading properly for you, try checking its settings in the F11 menu or Booster itself and experiment.
The forum and game account link have always been weird and to be honest, I don't understand its inner workings to be able to give input about that yep... But I'll ask around.
Alright, I'm glad you're liking the server. The quality and quantity of the car parts, in general, tends to get better as you progress through classes. The best advice I can give you is for you to explore and have fun!
Cya around!

RE: Hi everyone I'm Johnny! - DIESEL1000 - 06-02-2020

Wow I didn't know I can change engine sounds in MTA yea and about the booster seems to happens the same even I modify in game as you said pressing the button F11 or in the booster itself my moonbean dosent have a lot of layers of vinyls and loads my work in free run exactly the same as in the paint shop wich is good but the Intruder had I think twice the amount of vinyls and dosent load properly but I still want ridiculously wide bodykits and spolers for all cars and future cars and in game i want to be a section where i can put wheel spacers and be able to modify the tire width .
And i want to be able to put spoilers on moonbean that will be awesome i want to make something similar like the race van from Renault but like time attack version.
See you on the streets of San Andreas😎