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[Circuit] High-Speed Loop - KitsuneAmy - 14-01-2020

Hello everyone, this is my first track and I was wondering if this would be a good idea for a circuit. Driving around San Fierro brings plenty of good ideas for circuits, and here's one of mine. Please tell me what you think.

[Image: jTEWy8w.png]

Try driving this route in SF to get a feel for it, in both forwards and reverse. If the cross-over is an issue, I can split it so you turn at the crossover, which alters the track slightly. Also any insight on better start/finish placement would be helpful.

RE: [Circuit] High-Speed Loop - Remolit - 14-01-2020

hold w

RE: [Circuit] High-Speed Loop - Imprezawrxsti - 06-03-2020

I think this is a little bit too long and I think This track is made for fast cars but you should add some pedestrian cars like primo, gendale or sultan or the town feels like a ghost town. Overall good work +1