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Buying slots

Napisany przez lazy game, 02-05-2018, 22:57
Buying slots

Offline lazy game

Hi!   Wink
Maybe so use money from pursuit to buy slot's 
Saving painting and slots in garage

Price list:
-1x Slots in garage 800k $
-1x Slots saving painting - 500k $

Bought the slot stays forever.

I know, i know, low prices.But this is a proposition.

Offline Rarti

bounty isn't that kind of a money, it's "a sum paid for killing or capturing a person."
so yeah, bounty isn't a spendable money and also the only way to get extra slots is to buy premium.

Offline MatthewChow

But, actually, we could make Bounty serve a purpose since it's one of the issues with it, it's there for nothing useful.
For me, Bounty should be used as a multiplier and unlocking system. The more Bounty you have accumulated, the more you get (and lose) from pursuits or some type of race, and passing predefined bounty checkpoints will unlock, for example, the said garage slots, or free aftermarket parts.
It would make sense to be that way, in a real world scenario, someone with a high bounty is someone you respect (or fear, I guess) more, so you're willing to do more for that person, being special favors, freebies, accepting entrance in places other people can't be in, etc.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline scaftz

Actually, I talked with Orbacle some time ago about making Bounty serves more purpose in game, it was something like Most Wanted list, but no i am not gonna say or discuss anything more about it for now. 
About this more garage slot thingy, No. There's some of this kind of suggestion already and the answer will be always a no, no matter what in game currency you propose.
(13-12-2017, 22:21)bartekPL Wrote: already discussed many times

Consider donating the server if you need those space to keep your precious cars you wish not to sell.

Offline Barney

What do you think guys about additional saved vinyls slots given after buying premium, which disappear when premium time expires? Shouldn't be the same as with cars? With premium you can buy as many cars as you like and when premium account time ends - these cars in extra slots stays in garage, unlike saved vinyls which you can use again only when buy premium. I find it very annoying...I dont mean in that case all 24 should be still editable in these saved vinyls - it might stay like it is now (after premium only 18layers visible) in order not to depreciate premium account value.

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Offline lazy game

Maybe better unlimited slots for saving paintings
wich remain

Offline Barney

Nah, 2 for free is a good option, but vinyls saved on the extra ones shouldnt disappear when premium expires.
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