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Add "Help" button on Performance Shop and Dyno Menu

Napisany przez RaiYou, 11-10-2017, 03:14
Add "Help" button on Performance Shop and Dyno Menu

Away RaiYou

Here on forum we have very usefull threads talking about performance and tuning, and there's always someone asking how to tune his car and etc, why not add a button in these places who displays the things talked about on Threads like the Tuning Guide made by Mister Johnson, or the Dyno Guide made by me? This way we will not need to link these threads to these people on chat anymore, and people will probably learn how to tune his car in game. Smile
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Offline scaftz

Very useful, it should be added. But the guides should be simplified first before adding it to the game.
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Offline MisterJohnson

My guide became useless as DYNO came out..

Offline MatthewChow

That's something I would do.
I'd even illustrate it.
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... Although that sounds kinda lame.

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