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Suggestion to make URL better

Napisany przez RaiYou, 12-08-2017, 21:53
Suggestion to make URL better

Away RaiYou

So, in my point of view, A and B class cars should only be able to race on max score (B class max 450 and A class Unlimited), cause on lower scores they are overpowered, so, to fix that I suggest to "ban" those cars in lower scores(A from 450 and 400 and B from 300 and 350), because making the rooms separetaded by class would be boring... Ya know a max D class can pretty much keep up with a monroe if driven well(and if monroe score is similar to the Class D car), and E class can keep up with futo and D class on 300 score, but in 250 futo dominates, but there aren't much we can do about it, unless E class gets buffs again until they are good as futo, but this would make D class worse, so another suggestion would be "buff" the classes until they are good as a 1/1/1 car from the other class, Example: Max D class car is good as a Monroe 1/1/1 or a max Monroe is good as a 1/1/1 SuperGT and so on. At the moment the Unlimited score are the fairest score (Against A class cars), all others scores are being dominated by op cars like Buffalo on 300 and 350 score, or Banshee at 450 or 400 score. I don't know if these are the best choices, but something has to be made to fix this, people are only getting free wins at the moment.
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Offline Orbacle

Imo it would be more correct to balance out the scores on cars rather than banning cars for certain scores, because several of those dominate not just the URL, but also other races.

Offline Akamataa

i dont see any problem, max 300 b class car have worse acceleration and worse top speed than, max futo for eg, but in place of that have realy good stering. theres is only one problem -> score calculation system thinks that V-max is most important, and u get lot of score from useless v-max, and realy low score from most important stering.
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Offline bartekPL

Score system will be changed soon.

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