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Buggy's physics on drift mode and few suggestions for Premium

Napisany przez Trzyzet, 25-07-2017, 13:31
Buggy's physics on drift mode and few suggestions for Premium

Offline Trzyzet

Hi guys, 

I don't know who set up parameters for Buggy, but acceleration in drift mode is twice more than normal mode. 
In this case, is useless for drift. Its a quite good idea for change. 

Next, premium users should have more privileges, for example - more garages to use in game (countryside and desert garages only for premium users for more comfortable driving around the map) or make special, secondary premium currency which you can spend for new hideouts and maybe special, unique vinyls/stickers. 

My last idea is special, 4Tier performance parts like first Undeground - but granted only as a prize in special contests for one, maybe few more persons.

Offline Szymio

No no no, no premium currency. I want to enjoy the game, thank you. 4 tier performance parts as a special prize could work, or cars even.
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Offline Sardyna153

OHH, or maybe add NOS only for premium users, and super fast cars only for premium users huh?
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Offline deadboy

I would like if Premium Users would have more garage to choose, since it's also no big deal to add more. And if Premium expires, they should be forced to pick one of the default garages like at the creation of a new driver.

And about tier 4 performance upgrades

(10-05-2017, 17:30)deadboy Wrote: Declined / not possible:
- Unique Performance Upgrades

They got already declined in the past. Click on the green arrow to see the whole collection of suggestions.
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Offline EloRamzes

All sugestions is very bad

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