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Buffalo Review

Napisany przez RaiYou, 30-05-2017, 23:37
Buffalo Review

Away RaiYou

Well then...
The beloved Buffalo...
[Image: giphy.gif]
Compared to other B class cars:
Good Acceleration(Fast as an SGT), Decent Handling(Same as an SGT, but worse slides at max, needs decent setup), Good Top Speed(Same as a Jester, altough it's bad leaving it at max), Bad suspension(Needs then at stock).

Well thats it, cool looking car, in my opinion, for a "Muscle" car, it should have a hard handling, not a slidy one, but I don't know maybe is just me sense of handling, the engine sound could be different tho... For me, I think a Jester can handle some races better than him, still pretty good tho, I think it's better than an SGT.
Good setups so far:
Street or Race Engine
Race or Pro Drivetrain
Race or Pro ECU
Pro Tires
Stock Suspension
Pro Brakes
Stock Reduction
Street or Race Turbo
~RaiYou  Tongue
[Image: 1518984249.xishka_8altr.png]

Offline Kemosabe

Yeah it really does handles like SGT.
Hard to think of a fitting design concept
They should add the V-type(correct me if im wrong) hood option
[Image: 1pdr2g.gif]
[Image: 8FdeAa0.png]
Server Moderator | Premium user | Crew Leader

Offline Tomi

On 0/1/1 it slides like you'd change your tires to butter
*Autistic quote*

Away RaiYou

(31-05-2017, 15:24)Tomi Wrote: On 0/1/1 it slides like you'd change your tires to butter

Probably because of suspension and reduction, remove that and you're fine.
[Image: 1518984249.xishka_8altr.png]

Offline RaiderZoom

i agree about the slidy problem and sound of the engine could be better But in rest buffalo it's a really good car

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