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  Drag System
Posted by: bartekPL - 27-10-2015, 16:29 - Forum: News - Replies (1)

Drag System

Are you remember drag races from NFS games? Did you like it? Did you good with them?
We're glad to inform you, that our drag system has been finally finished!

Results you can watch here:

As you can see, drags are very simillar to Underground 2.
You have to manually change gears (keybinds you can adjust in settings menu, by default it is plus and minus on numpad). To get the best performance, there're few phases when you can change your gear:
  • Over Rev - too late, you are losing some power.
  • Perfect Shift - the best moment to get much power.
  • Good Shift - also good moment, but noy as good as Perfect Shift.
  • Short Shift - too short, the worst moment, better wait for at least Good Shift.
But dont forget to change gear, otherwise you'll blown your engine Smile

Very important thing is that in drag races you can't turn! Instead of this, you're changing lane and your car will turn automatically and stay on lane. You have to press turn button only once to change lane.

Because of weird nitro handling, if you have very fast car, we don't suggest to use nitro while changing lane.

Any questions? Suggestions? All comments are welcomed Smile

  Some info
Posted by: bartekPL - 11-09-2015, 23:22 - Forum: News - Replies (2)

There weren't any news last time, so it's time to write something Wink

We're getting a lot of questions like "when server starts?" etc. so I want to explain something.
As you can see, we already have done most things but we still have to do some systems and panels. At this point we can predict approximate release date but we don't want give you hope and then disappoint you because something, so please wait patiently, and please stop asking when server starts, we'll give info about it (and beta tests) when we'll be more sure.

Here's a list of the most important thing we have to do:
  • Finish rewards and unlocking system
  • Achievements system
  • Help system
  • Settings panels
  • Admin tools
  • Add more models, maps and vinyls
  • And maybe something more

Unlocking system

In this NFS:SA version unlocking system will be a bit different than previous.
Tuning parts will be divided into two unlocking categories:
  • Global - parts which you have to unlock once and you have them always available. Probably performance and some visual parts
  • Per car - parts which you have to unlock separately for every car. Most visual parts.
We think that this way is much better and you should unlock at least one thing in every race. If you have some suggestions with it just let us know about it in comments Smile

Achievements system

This system isn't as easy as unlocking system to do. Some people may remember old achievements systems, some not. But one thing is sure - old systems weren't good and didn't have more sense and we have to create new achievements system which will be good and will be an important part of gameplay.

We don't know yet how will it works and how will it looks like.

If you have some ideas, just write it in comments Smile

  Vinyls - now and you can help!
Posted by: bartekPL - 20-08-2015, 13:05 - Forum: News - No Replies

As you know, we have new vinyl system, where you can append few vinyls onto your car body and adjustable each of them (change size, move, change color etc).

[Image: wpu0PT9.png]

But to make this system practical, we need a lot of different vinyls separated into categories like unique vinyls, hood vinyls, body vinyls, side vinyls (and sub-categories for side vinyls e.g. stripes, tribal, flames etc).
Because NFSSA team can't make them all, it is time where you can help and improve our server by creating vinyls images and send them to us!
Of course, who will help us and send vinyls, he'll get some extra bonuses on server (more vinyls = more bonuses) Smile

How to send vinyls and how they should looks like?

For more info go to this thread .
Hope you'll help us, we need a lot of vinyls for start Wink

  Drift System and Street-X
Posted by: bartekPL - 03-08-2015, 01:01 - Forum: News - Replies (11)

Hello guys! Do you love drifts? We're glad to inform you that our new drift system has been finished!
It's based on NFS Underground drift system, but all you can see in our video presentation Smile

Venom PoV:

We have also second news for you! Do you remember Street-X from NFS Underground 2? They're circuits but on drift tracks and also in NFS:SA this race type will appear Smile

What do you think about our drift system? Please comment and tell your opinions Smile

  Welcome to NFS:SA!
Posted by: bartekPL - 26-07-2015, 16:08 - Forum: News - Replies (16)

Do you remember MTA:SA named Need For Speed : San Andreas?
If yes, we have good news for you but if not we also have good news for you!
Welcome to Need For Speed : San Andreas version 2!

Something about project.

NFS:SA is a MTA server project inspired by NFS Underground 1 and Underground 2 series.
We want to make absolutely new race system in MTA with advanced tuning and freerun mode.
At the beginning you'll be able to race on at least 4 types of races:

  • Circuit
  • Sprint
  • Drag
  • Drift
We have Quick Race's system, which matches players to race by their car performance and selects random race track. But don't worry, we have also Custom Race's system where you can race with your friends on your favorite map!

[Image: SQY4R6mb.jpg] [Image: wtkEyP6b.jpg]

By winning in the races, you can earn money and unlock new tuning parts. Our tuning system is unique and very expanded, so it's divided into few shops where you can arrive in freerun mode:
  • Body Shop - you can buy custom body parts like bumpers, spoilers, hoods etc.
  • Paint Shop - you can paint your car and buy extra vinyls (you can have up to 4 layers of vinyls)
  • Performance Shop - here you can improve your car performance by buying e.g new engine & E.C.U system.
  • Accessories Shop - you can install neons, change tint of windows and more.
  • Car Shop, where you can buy new cars.
[Image: XqM0s1Ob.jpg][Image: aMUsjoBb.jpg][Image: cUYTKHsb.jpg][Image: uc0rirob.jpg][Image: 7Hm1krIb.jpg][Image: SqYIoFfb.jpg]
You'll be also able to create your own driver character and every driver has an own statistics and cars.

[Image: f0zRGrmb.jpg] [Image: auJDGdnb.jpg]
But that's not all! Are you intrested in? So stay with us because more info soon!.