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  Beta Tests finished!
Posted by: bartekPL - 03-01-2016, 23:04 - Forum: News - Replies (9)

At the beginning, we want to thank every player who took part in our Beta Tests.
They helped us a lot. We foumd many problems and bugs, some of them even critical. We hope that we fixed all of them successfuly and we won't fail at official release and you'll have better gamemode Smile

Server is now closed until official release. We didn't except that there'll be so much of you! In the last day most time we had 40/40 and always missing empty slots but don't worry - for official server we'll prepare them much more Smile

At the ending of Beta Tests, we organised small MeetUp on FreeRun to celebrite it.
If you have any screenshots or video from it - please post it under this thread to make some small gallery from it Smile

We hope that you'll stay with us until official release. We'll try our bests to release it ASAP Smile

  Official Beta Tests started!
Posted by: bartekPL - 28-12-2015, 22:13 - Forum: News - Replies (73)

Official Beta Tests Started!

Now everyone can join NFS:SA server and test it!
What should you do to join? All what you need is to have registered account here with atleast 1 post.
That's all! Now you can visit this page to gain access to server!

Have fun!

  New progression system and more
Posted by: bartekPL - 06-12-2015, 01:38 - Forum: News - Replies (3)

New rewards and progression system

Some time ago we're informing you about how will unlocking new things system looks like etc.
So, we decided to change it and make it working in other way we hope is much better and have sense.

Getting new cars and upgrading them

Unlocking new cars and performance parts will be based on Reputation Points.
For cars there is a simple list: to unlock car X u need 2000 RP, to unlock car Y you need 3000 RP etc.
With performance parts it's a bit more complicated: now you'll have to unlock performance parts individually for each car, so you'll can test them on every level and it'll also improve Quick Races system.

[Image: pWQ3elSb.jpg]

To unlock performance parts you need Performance Points and with them you can unlock what you want. We separated parts into 3 packs:
  • Power - Engine, Drivetrain, E.C.U.
  • Handling - Tires, Suspenson, Brakes
  • Addons - Weight reduction, Turbo, NOS
Each pack have 3 levels, so you need 9 Performance Points to unlock everything for this car. One point you're getting at start, others you are gaining from RP (to gain 1 PP you need some amount of RP)

Reputation Points you earn form races.

[Image: DUlPQnhb.jpg]

Unlocking body parts

This is based now on Tasks.
There are 2 types of tasks:
  • Daily Tasks - simple tasks, you can do one per day. By completing you're getting random reward: small amount of cash or unlock random vinyl. They resets everyday so if you have task you can't make right now, don't worry, tomorrow you'll get new one Smile
  • General Tasks - you're doing them only once. By completing them you're gaing TaskPoints.
[Image: yxYzhGYb.jpg]
TaskPoints are very important:
  • With TP you can buy cards. With cards you can unlock Rims Packs, Neons Packs, Extra Vinyl Layers etc.
  • You can exchange 1 TP for 2 BodyPoints, unlock Random Vinyl (same as from Daily Tasks) or for some amount of cash (a bit more than from Daily Tasks)
With BodyPoints you can unlock locked body parts directly in Body Shop. Mosts parts costs 1 BP except Wide Body Kits - they cost 3 BP.

BodyPoints you can sometimes get from races.

[Image: Kznptx2b.jpg] [Image: To7s36mb.jpg]

Few words about chat

New chat system will be very simple and based on 3 types of channls:
  • Default channel - just a local channel, it'll be automatically changed depending from where you are (Menu/Home, Race, Freerun, Tuning/Shop). English only.
  • Global channel - everyone can speak with everyone. There'll be bind for this chat and command like /g <msg>. English only.
  • Language channel - same as Global channel but it will depends from language you're choosing at login screen.

Beta Tests Incomming!

At the end of this news we want to inform you that Official Beta Tests will start very soon!
But please still wait patiently, because info about Beta Tests and instruction how to join them should appear within 2-3 weeks Smile

Comments are welcomed!

  Drag System
Posted by: bartekPL - 27-10-2015, 16:29 - Forum: News - Replies (1)

Drag System

Are you remember drag races from NFS games? Did you like it? Did you good with them?
We're glad to inform you, that our drag system has been finally finished!

Results you can watch here:

As you can see, drags are very simillar to Underground 2.
You have to manually change gears (keybinds you can adjust in settings menu, by default it is plus and minus on numpad). To get the best performance, there're few phases when you can change your gear:
  • Over Rev - too late, you are losing some power.
  • Perfect Shift - the best moment to get much power.
  • Good Shift - also good moment, but noy as good as Perfect Shift.
  • Short Shift - too short, the worst moment, better wait for at least Good Shift.
But dont forget to change gear, otherwise you'll blown your engine Smile

Very important thing is that in drag races you can't turn! Instead of this, you're changing lane and your car will turn automatically and stay on lane. You have to press turn button only once to change lane.

Because of weird nitro handling, if you have very fast car, we don't suggest to use nitro while changing lane.

Any questions? Suggestions? All comments are welcomed Smile

  Some info
Posted by: bartekPL - 11-09-2015, 23:22 - Forum: News - Replies (2)

There weren't any news last time, so it's time to write something Wink

We're getting a lot of questions like "when server starts?" etc. so I want to explain something.
As you can see, we already have done most things but we still have to do some systems and panels. At this point we can predict approximate release date but we don't want give you hope and then disappoint you because something, so please wait patiently, and please stop asking when server starts, we'll give info about it (and beta tests) when we'll be more sure.

Here's a list of the most important thing we have to do:
  • Finish rewards and unlocking system
  • Achievements system
  • Help system
  • Settings panels
  • Admin tools
  • Add more models, maps and vinyls
  • And maybe something more

Unlocking system

In this NFS:SA version unlocking system will be a bit different than previous.
Tuning parts will be divided into two unlocking categories:
  • Global - parts which you have to unlock once and you have them always available. Probably performance and some visual parts
  • Per car - parts which you have to unlock separately for every car. Most visual parts.
We think that this way is much better and you should unlock at least one thing in every race. If you have some suggestions with it just let us know about it in comments Smile

Achievements system

This system isn't as easy as unlocking system to do. Some people may remember old achievements systems, some not. But one thing is sure - old systems weren't good and didn't have more sense and we have to create new achievements system which will be good and will be an important part of gameplay.

We don't know yet how will it works and how will it looks like.

If you have some ideas, just write it in comments Smile